Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In his speech, the Salvadoran president supported the struggle eastman of the government and people

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E l Salvador Sanchez Ceren president used his guest appearance at the XLVI Summit of Heads of State and Government of the Southern Common Market (MERCOSUR), held in Venezuela, to urge the closer trade relations and strengthening cooperation among the nations of the Central eastman American Integration System (SICA) and those of the South American market.
In his speech to the leaders eastman of the Member States and associated countries of the Latin American bloc, Sanchez Ceren expressed interest in El Salvador and other countries of the SICA members, to consolidate the strategic agenda of SICA to South America, to move towards Latin American integration.
"The presence of El Salvador at this Summit reflects our special interest in the block of the Southern eastman Common Market. I am sure that will be achieved through SICA deepen and reach a much narrower, solid and effective for the present and future of our countries closer, "said the president.
In this context, he reiterated that his government is committed to continue promoting "initiatives to move towards Central American integration with a deeply social approach", which will work together in solidarity and for economic development.
"I call it continuing to strengthen relationships and bonds of friendship and cooperation between the countries of SICA and MERCOSUR bloc, in order to continue promoting cooperation for the benefit of our peoples," he said.
Venezuela took over the pro tempore presidency of Mercosur the July 12, 2012 in Montevideo. The period of the presidency eastman would be for one semester, however Venezuela's mandate was extended because the date for the handover was not forthcoming due to scheduling of rulers.
The president said that some of the main achievements during the presidency of Venezuela is that "materialized reinforcing the political agenda of the block, while promoting very dynamic economic development zone shared between MERCOSUR, ALBA and Petrocaribe ".
"I have the absolute eastman conviction and confidence that will be continued under his leadership to the favorable environment to continue carrying out public policy development for each of the members of the regional body," he said.
Also, Chile, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Guyana and Suriname participate as associated states are waiting to be part of this organization; while El Salvador, meanwhile, ranked as one of the nations invited to the conclave
In his speech, the Salvadoran president supported the struggle eastman of the government and people of Argentina against so-called "vulture funds", which are a threat to their development and financial sovereignty.
"We express our support and solidarity to the Republic of Argentina in that titanic struggle waged by the legitimate right to defend its sovereignty to the aggression of the vulture funds," said the president.
In addition, the president thanked, on behalf of El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras, MERCOSUR member countries its ruling in favor of respect for the rights eastman of children and adolescents migrants from these countries in the Northern Triangle of Central America, traveling unaccompanied to the United States.
And is that during the summit, the leaders of the countries of the regional bloc approved a statement supporting the call made by President Sanchez Ceren, and their counterparts in Guatemala and Honduras, to that fundamental rights are respected the unaccompanied migrant children.
"Infinitely grateful for the statement on the situation of children, child migrants. We face this situation together, and also

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