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Before we managed to recover Ťarabáčovci, light went out in the pub.

# 2 Ťarabáčovci and Marian chop Ťarabáčovci corporate gifts - typical Slovak rodinka
"I corporate gifts wish you porantalo, you Sputum Maraval!" Fussed corporate gifts the Ťarabáč grandfather corporate gifts when he for the third time this year he went to his ancient motor Felicia. Was in the evening journey to central Slovakia, along with his grandsons Gust Matyska. Car to a halt just in front of blackboard with the words Žocharovce. "Car on the clouds away, also a gas station. Let's ask some burly guys for help, "he said grandfather Anton and headed to the local pub. "Good evening!" Greeted grandpa Ťarabáč loud. "The car broke down. I knew someone would look at it that where the dog is buried? ". corporate gifts "Of course, this is a mechanic at the Fero cooperative. But first let the borovička! "Urged innkeeper. About quarter of an hour it took endless haggling between grandpa and the innkeeper is that it is not appropriate to drink now. However, at the front of the pub sounded corporate gifts like cannon wound.
Štamgast Lojzo looked corporate gifts through the window and shouted: "There they are! Degenerate liberal forces attacking, lock the doors, windows plank ". corporate gifts Gusto did not last and went to look through the window itself. Saw swarms of armed men who swarmed in from three converging streets. From one street swarmed corporate gifts eccentric clothing guys with rainbow flags and a banner above their heads: "Our sausages tasted". From the mean streets lightning fast approaching bearded corporate gifts men decorate the Star of David and transparent "Interest higher than the loan". A recent street vybiehali Počerny music with a banner "What is yours, it's ours."
Before we managed to recover Ťarabáčovci, light went out in the pub. "Quickly corporate gifts to the basement!" Yelled innkeeper. corporate gifts After a short while regulars Fero managed to light a candle. At the last minute slipped into the basement and parish priest, who came to hide from the neighboring church.
"It's here again, Father!", Warned Mr. innkeeper pastor. "Tie anything liberal corporate gifts romo-fagot-Jewish elements are again." "Goddamn it, what does that mean ?!" thundered grandpa Ťarabáč not understanding. "We were attacked neo-liberal extremists, with whom we are fighting for three years," said Štamgast Fero. "After all this time we are trying to violent means to impose corporate gifts its insolvency Western culture. Usually attack us individually, but now we are surprised. corporate gifts We did not expect that it will join forces ". corporate gifts After about a half hour of continuous shots that could be heard from the streets, suddenly there was silence. Fero received a phone call. The tension could be cut. After the call had Fero horrified expression on his face.
"It's fucked up. Police fell, defeated them. What's more, the army is added to their side. What do we do? "He asked with tears in her eyes. There was a deathly silence. That was said Jonah, a local teenager: "You can help us only on". "Who the hell?", It did not last longer Gusto.
"Marian chop!", Exclaimed enthusiastically corporate gifts teenager Jonah. "Our corporate gifts greatest leader. Champion of racial inequality and segregation. " "Thanks to him I do not feel guilty corporate gifts when you beat up a woman at home," said barfly sitting in the corner. "Thanks to him, I do not mind that I'm an alcoholic," said barfly sitting opposite. corporate gifts "Thanks to him I have no complexes from their small natural," he added barfly standing in the center. Grandpa Ťarabáč herself thought that such should be thrown in Bratislava. In fact, however, the door flew open basement and stood on them. The great Marian Chop, alongside the faithful guardian Picunt. Behind them stood partitions Slovak pospletitosti. Young young men in black jacket, camouflage pants, orthopedic boots, with shaven heads. One would have thought that they have some incurable disease.
"Do not worry, you zachuánim," he said vaguely chop. "Wait, Mariánka!" Stopped him parish priest. "I give you blessings. Let God protect you ". Vyzborený such irreplaceable ochrnanou chop commanded to attack and pospletité unit took to the streets corporate gifts enemy. Marian chop left hand grabbed one of the novel oplieskal the ground with one hand and grabbed corporate gifts a gay man, which he threw into the crowd 30 enemy fighters. All were at the time of disposal. With this deployment obtain Kotletove troops immediately and superiority. But then suddenly a gay man approached a small MATYSKA and it already seemed that he manages to sodomize him, when in the Marian Chop performed an impressive 30-meter jump, after which the vicious striker pacify cleats crotch.
Zacharovce were rescued after a brave struggle, and was also rescued the innocent childhood small Matýska. "I do not know how I would like to thank you," Grandpa Ťarabáč looking for words. "It was nothing. Simply, if you have to vote for phedsedu samosphávneho Khaja, "he smiled chop. "I beg your pardon?" Grandpa did not understand Ťarabáč. "For the governor. She also Bysthici ".

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