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And now mention the problem of failure of one man to socialist construction,

In general, the problem of the socialist economy that motto each according to his ability and to each according to his needs, so considered. Failure of a single man. In socialist social order book is said to be the individual to think that his work performance does not matter, because he did accrue an aliquot part of the total revenue of all the work, while of course the amount of total return can be significantly reduced failure originating from the negligence of one man. This illustrates the Communist pka deputy Zdeněk Horčík at the 16th meeting of the Czech National Council (CNR) on 31 October 1989 The first tells us that the apartments in Prague enough: "Why do we say that it is little apartments? Above all, it is still in Prague is the longest waits for an apartment across from Czechoslovakia. still in Prague, we have little or no housing apartments that the district national committees to draw up their waiting lists and allocate flats under applicable law marriage for young, working-class families, etc.. would I react to it, that currently sees no good comprehensive housing construction this year and throughout this five-year period. Both ministries of construction and civil engineering, as Czechoslovakia pka and SSR, are facing serious problems filling comprehensive housing plan, and in fact, even if the a five-year plan and tasks 8th Five Year Plan threatened the originally expected pka Manek - I mean 3500 bytes, which approved the Czech and later the federal government - municipal supply of forms, but there is no hope that the tasks this year and throughout the 8th Five Year Plan only Manek at 3500 bytes, and we expect the deficit far higher. ".
And now mention the problem of failure of one man to socialist construction, "Actually, I have to say that is often talked about what it is. This is because the technical equipment should pka be in May and June, and has still not been passed, but is especially because - and we're told the Minister Vavra, I sent him a tape, we shot about 14 days ago images of working days on some buildings during working hours, where around ten o'clock in the morning the foot was not on the site. Tomorrow we have a range and we have again filmed tape this week and I must say that what we have filmed, and we want to reflect on our board meeting tomorrow.'m not saying this because I chased and criticized the Minister Vavra, but I say this because it is important to realize that the current state , everything pka that happens in the whole society and its surroundings, has obviously impact on staff morale as well as those who provide comprehensive housing construction. " [1].
What do you think some of the former rulers pka of the topic (un) cleanliness pka for socialism? Briefly inform us that clutter and dirt is normal. Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Czech Commission for the planning and development of science M. Toman states that: "In this context, pka let i recall another very important issue in the life of the capital, which is directly related to the environment, and it is clean and tidy. Upon continuous calls not only clean around the home, but also their inner spaces, mezibloková spaces, passages and subways. Likewise, areas of industrial plants, construction sites and equipment yards is indispensable discipline and discipline providers. government creates pressure on the relevant departments to ensure the production of various cleaning mechanisms in which the lack of Prague and is yet to be imported. " [2].
Planners have forgotten the production of cleaning mechanisms. Non-party member ČNR Francis Kozak in the 16th meeting of the National Council suspended the generally pka poor state of cleanliness of the city and grassy areas, mainly in housing estates. According to him, it looked as if no one cared about them, or only occasionally. Solution sought partly in voluntary care, but thought that infinity can not even receive an apology to the entire range of green networks and requires constant care sufficient pka technical capacity and manpower, which allegedly are not available [3]. Just as there was a problem of failure of one man.
As it was the end of communism with shortages in Prague, the capital city of a country? What then of the mighty? Member of the Communist George Cibelius at the 16th meeting of National Council pka stated pka that: "Furthermore, because even in the food supply to Prague and we owe a lot today. I think when also taking into account these comments, it is also a condition that is in our Prague felt satisfied not only foreign exchange aliens, but also all its residents, and guests - our citizens and the other visitors. " [4].
Socialist MP Čestmír pka Adam said that Prague is worse in most indicators pka amenities than other regions of Czechoslovakia and that: "Even for us in the Czech National Council, or the Czech federal government is not good in front of people that are lagging behind in its Prague facilities for twenty years could not be removed or significantly reduced., we must admit that Prague does not buy better, on the contrary, is looking more and more standing in lines that problems with temporary accommodation residents and foreigners pka in the hotels are fundamentally diminished the during peak driving public transport vehicles really crowded that the availability of paid

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