Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Today was the depression 210 in the morning so it had gone down from yesterday (Friday). Finally go

Encapsulated bacteria in the left kidney | From a prematurmammas heart.
Our son meeting the world for the first time one summer bostik the 25/6-07 iv 24 +3 (16 weeks premature). Here I write about our everyday lives that are not quite like other parents of young children. A common but still unusual weekday. Because of those early, so got Neo a major brain hemorrhage after a few days of life and we did not know about our little guy would be able to fight. But he won the strongest fight a man can do, he won life. Of brain hemorrhage bostik as Neo has been diagnosed with left-sided hemiplegia who is a cp injury. You are not things so obvious as it is for others, but all require more on all its planes.
18/8-12 meeting our second son was born, Alvin. Complications arose again this time. My placenta had formed vessels led virtually the entire Alvin's blood volume to me like he was born with extreme blodbrist.Ovanlig diagnosis (why am I not surprised). Had the pregnancy gone further so might our second prince not fared. After two large blood transfusions so he perked on and after a few days we got to come home to big brother.
I like writing is Neo's and Alvin's mother named Marie in 27 years. bostik It is written mostly involving our life and especially the indescribable love that I never thought existed before our miracle came to earth!
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Medical Conference infattade apparently calls from several different hospitals to be able to put up such a good plan as possible. In the evening they told Tony that the next morning so would an MRI take place which brings us felt good. Tony and I had talked about that they might need to be done such as one looks much better the way it looks on the inside.
The next morning so was rolled away on Neo X-ray that involved sedation No. 5 as x-ray takes about 1 hour The X-ray is a strong magnetic field that can be set on the shunt and said that done they did it, moved neos pressure on the shunt from 1.5 to 2.5 but it was quickly over. We got answers relatively quickly.
They had found a germ formation in Neos left kidney. Do not know if the cyst is the right word to describe it but you know maybe what I mean. It is encapsulated bacteria including the antibiotic did not come for them. The prescribed antibiotics No 3 that is specific for kidney bacteria.
Today it would be needed to make a ul on the kidney, but the X-ray refused because they are weekend and lay apparently on the phone in the ear of the doctor who prescribed bostik this. What is this fucking hospital? '. bostik I just get more and more pissed at how some staff behave!!
Today was the depression 210 in the morning so it had gone down from yesterday (Friday). Finally got to meet my great prince today and he was surprisingly sprightly for a lowering of the 210th Very happy and with. But after a while he got hurt. He presses away with your feet like a bow and screams bostik of pain and one's whole heart shortcomings and man

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