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To refuse a hearing to an opinion, Because one is surethat it is false, is to Assume That one

To refuse a hearing to an opinion, Because one is surethat it is false, is to Assume That one's own certainty is the same thing as absolute certainty. All silencing of discussion is an assumption of infallibility. - John Stuart Mill -
Anyone fssai ever read orkkua know August Kekulén [German dude, therefore, pronounced "LEE-Keku"] and his sleep, which led to the discovery of the benzene ring. Benzene was highly 1800s to the middle of one of organic chemistry fssai unsolved puzzles. Stoichiometrically it was known that there were six carbon atoms and six hydrogen atoms, but no one had the idea of what that was molecule. Kekule, who served as a teacher, was a lecture day, gone to bed, and he had seen the actual nightmare. Long chains that passed luikerrellen eerie, like snakes. Finally one of the snakes bit his own tail. Kekule had seen in a dream Ouroboros, the snake biting its own tail - well-known religious and occult symbol. Kekule describes the "waking up as a lightning strike," and immediately went to the desk's edge, and had made calculations: what if benzene is a cyclic compound? And that was that. Kekule calculated that if benzene is a ring and conjugated double bonds in the three, the result would be exactly the same as in a dream. It was fortunate that Kekule was a chemist and not a psychologist. Ouroboros in fact known in the occult, as well as the religious tradition. In the Christian tradition, it symbolizes the transience of all, and again in a Buddhist samsara - the wheel of samsara is, and just like the snake that swallows its own tail, and never will be saturated, even in samsara is impossible to find happiness and contentment. Hinduism and Theosophy instead, it symbolizes the cyclic nature, the cycle of life and rebirth; snake rebuild themselves by eating itself. But the ouroboros is also known from Mexico and West Africa. If Kekule would have been a Freudian psychologist, her term "orkku" fssai would have meant something other than the small rodents of the genus Sciurus, or organic chemistry, and he had begun to study the sex lives of aromatic compounds instead. Do not laugh. Ouroboros is not a myth. The snake has a bad tendency to bite its own tail is hungry - and swallow it. As the snakes teeth are like a ratchet, and only very rarely with snakes is a gag, if the snake biting the tail, you know it reptilian fssai life pass by, no later than the tail event of the gastrointestinal system is poisoned by the snake's own vatsahappoihinsa. If the veterinarian to get soon, the ouroboros know unwelcome surprise snake owner. But the point. Benzene is the basic component of aromatic compounds, each of the aromatic compound is that Kekulén invented a benzene ring "aromatic ring". As its name implies aromatic compounds are obtained in that they smell. fssai They jysähtävät olfactory receptors in the nose than the hammer blow. They have a strong, often unpleasant, sometimes sweet or syrupy, fragrance or should I say dofa, and anyone who is able to lay immediately separated from the aliphatic aromatic compound alone kertanuuhkaisulla. Even with halogenated hydrocarbons or carboxylic acids is not as strong smell; amines can close and only halosulfidien and thiols (mercaptans), the smell is more dramatic. Well, there are also always aromatic halides, alcohols, aldehydes, fssai ketones, carboxylic acids, fssai amides, and thiols below ... The aromatic ring delocalized electron fssai cloud. Of carbon atoms in the second shell exited the p-orbital electrons as orbiting ring of carbon atoms formed by a flat tire. Although the aromatic ring often is described as an unsaturated, conjugated double bonds (as distinct from a saturated cyclohexane rings), it behaves rather a saturated or metal compound of ways. Thus, the aromatic ring is chemically quite stable. The reactions are generally substitution reactions (hydrogen bound to carbon is replaced by one of the other), in particular with halogens reacting it with pleasure. Then, when the aromatic ring is a basic component of the compound on the body, referred to as "the phenyl group"; while it is in the side chain, referred to as "benzyl group." Thus the trivial aromatic compounds fssai are, if "AR" refers to an aromatic ring and argon AR-OH phenol (hydroxyl) ar-HC = O, benzaldehyde (aldehyde) AR-COOH benzoic acid (carboxyl group) of the AR-Ha: fenyylihalidi (Ha = halogen such as fluoro, chloro, bromo or iodo) ar-CH 3, methylbenzene, l toluene (methyl group) AR-NH 3 phenylamine l aniline (amino group) AR-NO 2-nitrobenzene (nitro group), etc. If the aromatic ring has the frame Members of atoms other than carbon, refers to heterocyclic compounds. These include. pyrrole (viisiatominen, nitrogen) pyridine fssai (kuusiatominen, nitrogen), furan (viisiatominen, oxygen), pyr

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