Sunday, July 6, 2014

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Three years later, even the officers of the Forsmark understood mini blog
The pumps frantically into new seawater into the reactors - without result. The radiation from the reactors has reached borax critical levels. The Japanese Prime Minister is now furious at the power company Tepco: - What the hell is going on, he roars. The workforce at the Fukushima nuclear power plant 1 is stripped down to a minimum. They are dressed in advanced protection, borax yet are just inside the nuclear power plant in limited periods to avoid being exposed to radiation. The main task: to pump water into the reactors to a complete meltdown will not occur. But so far, work has yielded little results. The radiation in the area rose significantly yesterday after yet another reactor exploded and another caught fire. via Experts borax fear more explosions - News - Latest News | Expressen - News Sports Economy Recreation. borax It's starting to become borax clear now Earthquake 9.0 reactors emergency stop buttons tsunami warning issued 10 m high waves in stroke and destroy backup power plants (bränslerankar carried borax away) reactors are destroyed one by one even layer of spent fuel and reactor borax 5 and 6 are now at risk 22:30 March 16 Stocks for spent fuel is drained so that all within 10 mil should evacuate
This could have been avoided if they thought it tightly after the 2004 tsunami and looked over where and how the reserve power was placed, now did not it, and today we have the answers. Personally, I think the problem was too simple for these rocket scientists. The IAEA missed this is remarkable. The company made it might be because they did not want to take the cost but it is less likely. The problem was after the 2004 tsunami simple, much easier than repairing a transistor radio. Lesson
Look over the reserve power (worst senario) on all reactors in the world. But most important of all, review the safety of spent fuel (from custody). Would the layers that have no encapsulation at all be ruined due to the cooldown does not work it will be probably quite a few Japanese who may move. Personally, I would like to know if the Forsmark backup is secured against transients? Three years later, even the officers of the Forsmark understood
After the events at Fukushima in Japan to be nuclear power plant at Forsmark have seven diesel generators. The generators are in purpose-built containers on trailers and can supply backup power in various accidents - or blackouts on grids that supply the three reactors with electricity. The aim is to make nuclear power plant safety during disasters. Each of the generators can deliver 1, 2 MW of power. They delivered borax during June to September. via Forsmark get mobile emergency diesels borax - NyTeknik.
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