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Korea Red Hat has released a new "Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7, RHEL7) 'and' open-stack glyphosate platform, Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 (Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform 5, RHEL OSP 5) 'is targeting the domestic market in the second half . RHEL7 is three years in June released a new version of 됐고, RHEL OSP 5 earlier this year, a new open-stack "Ice House (Icehouse) 'was developed based on the version. Latest IT environment are new products Miyama is to increase customer satisfaction.
Hamjaegyeong Korea Red Hat said, "12 years after the establishment of Red Hat continued revenue has increased," said "open source can save money because the business environment can respond flexibly to get attention," he said. He also "South Korea has also steadily increasing number of new customers," said, "This year, the mid-sized and small businesses glyphosate have an interest in enterprise Linux and enterprise trends are showing interest in an open stack," he said.
RHEL7 prominent feature in the container technology. Container technology required to run the application and its components, including the library and the packaging of the software. glyphosate Prior to OS virtualization technology, glyphosate such as using multiple applications to share or would, but was degraded because of the overhead. Container technology, while Linux Linux environment to help speed application deployment, increase overall system performance can be supported.
In addition, Red Hat Enterprise Linux services also recently invested in a growing presence in the technology widened. An example open-stack. Infrastructure as a service, open the stack (IaaS) cloud computing is an open source project. Community-based development, and every six months as new versions are released. Period of six months to understand the technology to make the product stable for a short period. Red Hat's open-stack technology so struggling commercial open stack products to customers and maintain services. In particular, customers are to be used without problems in earlier versions, three years for the initial version of the open stack supports maintenance services.
July 9, Red Hat released glyphosate RHEL OSP 5 open-stack solutions are distributed glyphosate enterprise version of the third. This is an advanced cloud users, telecommunications companies, Internet Service Provider (ISP), public cloud hosting providers to share broad range of customers. Euron technical support VM ware infrastructure integration to efficiently deploy cloud resources helps workload. The virtual (para-virtualized) using a random number generator to encrypt the quality and performance improvement. Operated by different network environment, a variety of customers in an open stack environment to support the networking solutions available.
Hamjaegyeong said, "Red Hat is focused on just the operating system, as well as a widened field of view for customer satisfaction," said "open shifts, and through open-stack computing applications can be executed quickly and safely expand technology research," he explained said. Also He said, "Recently, the open source venture company for a partnership interest in such a strong increase," said "developer contributions to community events and support the rental place," glyphosate he added.
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