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The cooking surface mutagenizing (Stekytemutagener) (Theme: foods, the foreign substances), the dietary studies will highlight a number baking soda of things that are really ordinary medical training does not include. baking soda For example, student groups will summarize articles of food contaminants and each group to present a foreign substance, with the side effects. The group, which consisted of Karin, Emma, Frederick, Magnus, Linda and Jan, brought together a one-page summary paistopintamutageeneista. baking soda Finland them a short summary. baking soda Each of the summary be no more than one A4 page in length. Group work was a university lecturer Claes Bergman. The mid-1970s, Japanese scientists, Dr. Sugimuras et al, showed that the surface baking soda of the protein-rich meat products must be mutagenic and cancer-generating, carcinogenic, baking soda substances, when meat is heated. Then there is a hotly studied the issue. In Sweden, Lund and Uppsala universities were Maillard reaction project. Studies continue to remain. Paistopintamutageeneja is composed mainly of baking and grilling group like cooking. What molecules can be formed in such a context cooking surface protein? Polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates (PAH) with three or more condensed aromatic ring such as benzpyreeni. Metabolism should be of specific PAH molecules reactive substances that can cause damage to macromolecules, such as the genetic baking soda material DNA, ie the substance may be mutagenic. http:// amineja Heterocyclic aromatic baking soda (HA), containing nitrogen, baking soda which are divided into four groups: indoles (TRP-P-1 ), quinolines (IQ), kinoxaliinit (IQX), and pyridines (PhTP). All heterocyclic amines, such as polycyclic aromatic carbohydrates, require metabolic activation of specific liver enzymes. In other words, they affect the liver. http:// nitrosoyhdistyksiä N-(NOC), which is a large group of nitrosamines and includes. Roasting and grilling meat with addition of nitrite, the nitrite reacts with the meat of certain naturally occurring amines and formation of the nitrosaminia. http:// How dangerous are these all paistopintamutageenit people, it is not yet possible to precisely assess today, but it is likely that it is necessary to avoid their formation. But how? In this follow advice on how to paistopintamutageenien formation can be prevented in cooking: Food bak Avoid too strong cook!: Do not use too high a temperature and do not fry very long time. Do not use the consumption of fat roast tirsuvaa and do not save it to use it to play other food bak. Cut off the cooking surface all brown to dark sections. Use of bacon, preferably in the manufacture of microwave baking soda ovens. Do not fry bacon in a saucepan lid closed, for nitrosaminit remain there into the pot. Food grilling grill should be used for lighting the grill and the relevant T-spirit. Run the glowing part of the barbecue grilling over an open flame and do that will burn to a cinder protein. Do not use pine cones, because they will become rich in polycyclic baking soda aromatic carbohydrates (PAH). See, that tippuile for grill food fat as the fat of PAH molecules pyrolyzed at a high temperature. Also, keep in dietary vitamin C content high, as this prevents the formation of nitrosaminien eg in the stomach. SOURCE: Vår Foda magazine article 2/99. Nutritional science course participants a summary 4/1999.
2014 (10) juli (1) maj (6) Januari (3) 2013 (22) December (13) october (1) augusti (4) mars (1) februari (3) 2012 (10) December (2) November (1) maj (6) januari (1) 2011 (10) December (1) September (1) augusti (3) mars (5) 2010 (86) December (1) augusti baking soda (1) juli (4) juni (76), proline (P), glutamine + glutamic acid (Z), glycine ... Eggnog Nitrogen Death (T Mossberg included) of essential amino acids The minimum requirement Harper m .. neuron, nerve cell meninges structure of glycine, serine, and Threoniini. KOL ... glycine-glycine amino acid. GlyR glycine receptors. GABA receptors, agonists and antagonists of GABA nerve Interpol course of the neuron baking soda is activated and inhibited by Interpol of Glutamic baking soda acid Glutamic acid (E) and glutamine (Q), glycine, alanine, aspartate, glutamine, serine amino acids pyrimidine ... ha purinergic receptors, inhibitors of the biological sciences. Sources

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