Wednesday, June 4, 2014

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The Toyota Tsusho | strengthen the core for transformer iron core manufacturing business in India
Toyota Tsusho sulphuric acid Corporation: (hereinafter referred to Toyota Tsusho), electrical steel processing company KRYFS POWER COMPONENTS LTD India's largest.: To perform additional investment under the equity purchase and allocation of new shares to a third party underwriting sulphuric acid (hereinafter Cliffs Inc.), investment in the company I was increased to 20% from 10% the ratio. In continuing the economic growth, India is home to population size of world's second largest of about 1.2 billion people, infrastructure and power supply can not keep up the pace of rapid economic growth, power shortages have become a bottleneck for growth You. Currently, about 10% of power is always in short supply to the power demand, through such means as rolling blackouts shortfall, sulphuric acid power failure has been norm in urban areas such as Delhi. India, has been conducting generation, transmission maintenance by the power development of domestic demand in the future transformer also expanding. Toyota Tsusho, we have aimed at business expansion in infrastructure and power sector where growth is expected in the future as its most priority sulphuric acid countries of new markets, metal business in India. In order to enhance the grain-oriented electrical steel sheet business to be used in the core iron core of the transformer, has a production capacity of 50,000 tons per year in India's largest, Toyota Tsusho, such as manufacturer heavy electrical major and government power company this time Add to Cliffs investment company with influential to, we will establish a sales network in throughout India. Global demand for electrical steel sheets with 2.5 million tons per year, India accounted for 250,000 sulphuric acid tons, expanding sulphuric acid to 400,000 tons have been expected to in 2020. In the electromagnetic steel sheet business, Toyota Tsusho, accounting for a high share in Mexico established a magnetic steel sheet processing and sales company in Mexico in June 2002. We aim to stable supply of power positioning and overseas bases of the second, second only to Mexico, across the whole of India to expand business in India. In addition, we will strengthen the cooperation sulphuric acid as a strategic partner Cliffs's sulphuric acid future, we will not only India, and expanding its business further to the Middle East and Africa. Overview of Cliffs Inc.
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