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Third-generation Bobcat seen before rumors and I prove to be a FPU shared such as Bulldozer, but th

AMD Might Be Developing Next Generation APU With x86 Cheetah and ARM Cores - Features GCN 2.0 Cores and HSA + Support polyamide (WCCF Tech) a few weeks ago, AMD and ARM the K12 is a ,64-bit ARM core announced the "dual wield" roadmap I announced Project SkyBridge polyamide to have a Pin-compatible x86 and core. Seen roadmap shown at this time is a server primarily intended for, similar architecture and will then show up as a desktop product and Mobile also brought to the consumer. Are as known to many already, details, "Excavator" According to certain information close to GlobalFoundries is that it will not special as expected with some part. Also in terms of process design and performance improvement either, and "evolved" is an architecture, but "innovative" "Steamroller" is not the architecture, "Excavator" as was the case. "Excavator" also remains in the 28nm process, it is assumed that small changes are made to the core. "Excavator" and is used in the "Carrizo" APU next.
It is intended to refresh the "Jaguar" even "Puma +", with improved Performance-per-watt, but the development of the successor has already occurred. It is the next generation x86 core is referred to as "Ceetah" has become a true successor of the "Jaguar polyamide / Puma +". It is launched 2015 - 2015, "Cheetah" to appear at a time close to the K12 ARM core. "Ceetah" becomes the successor of, "Puma +" joint genealogy of low-power core, interesting new technologies such as 2.0 Graphics Core Next architecture and ARM core is further included. K12 ARM core is a pattern of development has been carried out under Mr. Jim Keller. I also revealed that describes Lisa Su said to shift to the FinFET process, and afterwards 20nm process in 2015, K12 ARM core is manufactured in 14nm FinFET process or 16nm. It is believed that launched during the same period are also scheduled x86 core Ceetah, which also uses the same FinFET process perhaps, but stay remains 20nm process - "Cambidge" CPU of 20nm, which is used for the server SoC / APU power consumption low There is also a possibility of using the. Products ,2,4,6,8-core is prepared is a highly scalable architecture is Ceetah x86. And CPU cores they have ARM core independent one. That is that the ARM core 2,4,6,8-core is mounted on the APU mounting the Ceetah x86 CPU cores 2,4,6,8-core. Single-thread performance of the APU is raised than at present. This is because when the other core is in the Idle state, ARM core can offload tasks to the Graphics Core Next GPU. APU based on "Ceetah" to mount a 2.0 GPU Graphics Core Next. Number of 2.0 this core Graphics Core Next is a multiple of the number of x86 cores. That is composed of Graphics Core Next 2.0 Compute unit and some ARM core, and eight core x86 Ceetah eight if ,8-core APU. I will cover the high-end desktop from low-end Mobile devices polyamide by this. Mounting a GCN core of 124-384 groups if the successor to Athlon of "Kabini" core of the current, but is equipped with a GCN core of the 1024 group in the high-end, frequency also will reach 900 ~ 1000MHz. AMD is developing a bypass GCN core that maintains polyamide the coherency and a single GPU. Dual-Graphics is possible to construct a combination of some of the current at APU though, iGPU of the APU will be disabled using the single GPU otherwise. This restriction is bypassed in "Ceetah", 2.0 built-in core of all GCN makes a schedule of GPGPU computing, I do GPU tasks alone GPU also in parallel. AMD is trying to bring about in the APU of x86, ARM-based next-generation one made Advanved HSA or HSA +. X86, ARM all, becomes to share the main memory while maintaining coherency GPU core in the new HAS. The APU and x86 core Ceetah is the stage of research and development currently. Therefore, it might have been a different name when it was unveiled. However, in this dual wield roadmap, AMD is focused on APU / SoC which is mounted on the same die and ARM x86. Core called "Ceetah" as the x86 architecture that continues to "Puma +" や, "Jaguar", but you or no longer sure honest flew Bukkake seems to have been developed from the middle. polyamide And I says in this article x86, ARM, GPU is to live in a single die at APU of this generation. ARM core is equipped polyamide as Security processor even "Beema / Mullins", but as it is a different pattern again (from where came out after me "Cambidge" CPU core?) Emergency pervert APU! ? I would think such. ... I had long ago come to think of it, the transformation mother was living the Socket939 and LGA775. Leading direct sales PC lightweight Ultrabook NEC LaVie G type Z PC studio Faith LaVie series of 875g weight polyamide Tweet notebook PC is (NEC) Fujitsu direct polyamide sales model (notebook PC) Japan, mail order Epson VAIO Z Series Sony Style PC parts PC ONE'S TSUKUMO Faith LGA1150 Motherboard - Dosupara ark Online store 1's:: Face LGA1150 CPU "Haswell" studio ... Sofmap 1's TSUKUMO net shop Dosupara PC Dosupara ark Online store 1's - PC ONE'S TSUKUMO and (ATX) TSUKUMO (MicroATX) Faith Sofmap (Z87 equipped with mother)
Third-generation Bobcat seen before rumors and I prove to be a FPU shared such as Bulldozer, but the new architecture, the possibility Excavator successor (Cheetah?) Is for you to come to the position of the Puma on the position of the Steamroller current and whether the.
Intel itself is to thing was saying the higher hurdle polyamide from 14nm long before polyamide that the'm high hurdle 14nm indeed polyamide I because tangled in 14nm and etc. Speaking of Intel, SAMSUNG & GF Union, what already Fin14nm the SAMSUNG especially SAMSUNG & GF Union and expand strong here and is leading the foundry other toward mass production considerably and test results also published times, hehehe, it failed to keep the time lag and Intel, it's not going to be funny deployment? Somewhat, to Intel, I can see the "like"
> It is a faint memory I feel like there are two types of two socket Maman on the two-story living socket Socket939 and LGA775 is too old thing indeed
CPU 1's PC Ones Dosupara (Intel) Dosupara (AMD) TSUKUMO arc (Ark) Sofmap PC studio (Intel) computer workshop (AMD) Faith (Intel) Faith (AMD) Amazon (Intel) polyamide Amazon (AMD) motherboard 1's PC Ones Dosupara polyamide TSUKUMO arc (Ark) Sofmap PC studio (Intel) computer workshop (AMD) Faith (Intel) Faith (AMD) Amazon graphics board 1's PC Ones Dosupara TSUKUMO arc (Ark) Sofmap PC studio Faith Amazon (AMD) Amazon (NVIDIA) HDD 1's PC Ones Dosupara TSUKUMO arc (Ark) Sofmap PC studio Faith SSD 1's PC Ones Dosupara arc (Ark) Sofmap Amazon power 1's PC Ones Dosupara TSUKUMO arc (Ark) Sofmap PC studio Faith PC case 1's PC Ones Dosupara TSUKUMO arc (Ark) Sofmap PC studio Faith notebook computer NEC Direct polyamide Fujitsu PC online workshop polyamide Faith material Haswell Lineup
DDR3 / 4 both supported (06/06) "Skylake" FirePro W8100? [6/6] change the title and corrected exhibition is officially announced "Kaveri" of (06/06) Mobile for the (06/05) ASRock "X99 Extreme 4" the "X99 Extreme 6" polyamide (06/05) ASRock M SocketAM3 + mother of .2 Slot - Radeon R9 M295X-Compute unit number to be mounted "990FX Fataly1ty Killer" (06/05) M6G and [Computex 2014] Plextor M6Pro the (06/04) "Tonga" 32 (06/04 shipments in August show off in front (06/03) [Computex 2014] MSI is (06/03) "Core [Computex 2014] Mobile devices" Broadwell "is a prototype of Intel X99 motherboards polyamide of the DDR4) Crucial server desktop official correspondence of the Devil's Canyon "that Devil's Canyon" (06/03) the "M" specification polyamide of the (06/03) Crucial MX100 series (06/03), i5 4690K-Core i7 4790K is officially announced "The 9 series , 5Y70 Core i of (06/03) "Broadwell" core 5Y10, 5Y10a is in September-October pattern is only the chipset will launch from (06/03) Seagate LSI with 400 million $ 50 million acquisition (05 SandForce / 31)
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