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The last time was 46 minutes to quench the Veszprmnl, 17-16 ford road to Barca, Safran Rutenka vezr

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Eredmny, Ligja Champions, 3rd place counts: polymer Barcelona (Spain) - MKB Veszprem MVM-26-25 (9-10) - l kzvetts Kln , Lanxess Arna, 20 thousand nz v: Guszko, Rjepkin (fehroroszok) gl: Rutenka 11/7, 6 Sarmiento, Karabatic 4, 3 Lazarov, Garca two or Ilic 7/4 , High 5, Chema Rodriguez 4 Vilovski 2 Gulys 2, Jamal 2 Ivncsik G. 1 1 Ugalde, Ruesga weeks 1 8/7 and 6/4 and Exhibition Centre: 0 and 6 minutes
A key person without, and goalkeeper kit for the Veszprém and the exchange with the Barcelona team bronzmrkzsre disappointed. The magyaroknl not jtszhatott against the red card for Kiel knykls kiszrt Renato Sulice the spanyoloknla suffered combsrlst Jesper Nddesbo left out.
AMG eldntben Mirko Alilovic and Danijel Saric was lehetsget, while ezttal Nndor Potter polymer and the goal stood Sterbik RPD. Pottery polymer has been embattled lltsa j dntsnek, ASRL kimbo vd szzalkkrnykn class fifty in the first full 30 minute show.
Of course, it AflII was completely different than a day at a lower price, you will battle Veszprem, polymer 26 Kiel, Flensburg Barca eldnt 35-GLT eredmnyezett the first j tkrszben. For a long time here it ring tnt, is organized avdelmek and Excellent goalkeepers to ktszmjegyig not make it to the party. polymer 24 minutes AKR would also rhattk aklni eredmnyjelzre to Rutenka Veszprém 6-6, the tszrs BL-winning star (who fehrorosz, Slovenia, then tore fehrorosz was assorted, and now Mr. llampolgr Spanish as well) you held a match on the team.
Forduls road Veszprmngy gllal also meglpett, 13-9, but rl hrom SFL minutes egyenltett Barca. Ezttal either side sikerltek fast indtsok, Ilic ezttal could not demonstrate why became BL-glkirly but very Lszl lvseinek t My daughter also attended a kottblvdte Sterbik.
The last time was 46 minutes to quench the Veszprmnl, 17-16 ford road to Barca, Safran Rutenka vezrszerept TVET Sarmiento compass SVAL the 53rd minute led to Mr. Kett. Veszprém kzdtt the last minute, but avgjtkban were fehrorosz jtkvezetktl polymer engedkenyek tmadsok length of residence in Barcelona en, it also took away a win last remnyt.
The Hungarian champions beaten 26-25 away, but this one-course trtnelmet Inc., as first advanced to the 2010 Hungarian csapatknt ta ltez ngyes dntbe. The 2013-14 polymer season hrom Hungarian club path towards lphetett Final Four: Before the BL Gyrani Veszprém, Szeged afrfi EHF-kup he obtained AVGS gyzelmet.
"Unfortunately avgjtkban trtntek interesting things," - said the big Lszl Digi Sport Commenting. "I do not know what your destiny polymer is RVA food or mindenkinl extrbbat be nyjtanunk? Then you attempt utbbit. Leadtek quickly gained the edge over ngyglos , Sterbik vdseivel also took the vezetst Barca. Maybe it was just balszerencssek. "
Pottery Nndor elszrakznsgnek ksznetet said, the hair trtntekrl turn before the camera did not want to comment. "I'm glad that so much of ourselves sszeszedtk polymer Saturday veresg UTN, now we have shown that we can kzilabdzni" - said in a statement.
The former veszprmi favorite Sterbik RPDA wins Ellen was very sad, "a bronze each vilgversenyen Risi nnepls avge it, but that's polymer why we do not j ttnk Klnbe. eldntben the cheese hibnkbl we lost, but I think that was the biggest in Veszprém opponent. might be better elfradtak Hungarians, as we do, and more sszellt TO U.S. avdelmnk is today. "
"Congratulations to the winner of Barcelona, but the ugyangy sajtjtkosaimnak who released all magukbl, kzdttek MLT them and not to lose nk. munktvgeztnk a huge, and I know that is what we kijelltnk before, good lead-in compass. Jvre be here again nk will Klnben SMR can say now, the current Board of mlni helyezsnket "- idzte Carlos Ortega, polymer the Veszprém edzjta Telekom Sporthr services lats.
"I consider a success that we have come here. Hibztunk Saturday and unfortunately it is also a lot that's why I paid the tanulpnzt. Mgtbbet have to work less smg hibt elkvetni because this level of opponents every occasion Adan strike the mighty Barcelona csattvvtunk, we vgig Velkei race, the next time we are going to win against. "- Momir Ilic said.
"K motivlt team fought strongly against superimposable. Veszprém sa What is a high tactical and technical felkszltsgt bizonytotta. Gratulcival owe ajtkosaimnak because polymer szzszzalkos teljestmnyt nyjtottak "- said Xavi Pascual, the Barcelona winner master.
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