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The beginning kagaku na yatsura of the Kiel Jícha defensively up the middle, while the Veszprém, un

The Champions League final is at stake! Veszprém Kiel - NSO
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Cologne's Final Four Semifinals at THW Kiel 29-26 to beat the Veszprém, so the German band advanced to the Champions League final. The German major success was the depository of the exchange as a spectacular defender Andreas Palicka and also printed a lot of animals that start to score 14 obtained the Kielian.
The beginning kagaku na yatsura of the Kiel Jícha defensively up the middle, while the Veszprém, unfortunately, soon people were at a disadvantage, Renato Sulice sent out hit on the head. The Hungarian team still took the lead, while Mirko Alilovic prevented Marko Vujin büntetőjét. Quite a few technical fault attack was to be paid during the light gólokkal can also be a disadvantage in Kiel.
The high-paced passing teams meeting head to head, stood up against the wall Pálmarsson Aron went hand several times, while the Veszprém Cristian Ugalde certainly made use of the situations. Hardened wall of Veszprém, Alilovic also caught the yarn Vujin suffered dramatically, based on good defense and took advantage of two goals Hungarian team. Alfred Gislason asked the 15th minute off your time, but did not change the image of the game, while Christian Zeitz sphere kagaku na yatsura themselves for the second time in two minutes.
11-8 also went to the Veszprém, while Ortega line break given to beginners. Ilics repeatedly choosing the wrong solution, Kiel and matched these fast starting time. In the 24th minute of the Spanish specialist put down the letter T. Laszlo Nagy found an important moment in the subsequent rohanásból came out of Veszprém wrong. A faultgyanús cases verify complained kagaku na yatsura in vain to the whole Hungarian minute mark, the game was released in megiramodó Sigurdssont leaders who spent the THW goals for Arsenal. Ilics criminal sale sold emerged as the 13-13 halftime score. BIG L: HIGH WANTS IS USED moan that ended "The fact that the first half we were given eight overrun scored out of 13, and the second half, too many times they could transfer us to run - called the cause of the defeat Laszlo Nagy Digi Sport in an interview. - We were undisciplined. We wanted, and unfortunately the great posts you want to moan ended. On little depended on the accuracy of missing the ball on a regular basis from the sale could go. Sore defeat, of course we wanted to get to the finals, could not but come to the next match tomorrow. "Statements after the match please click here!
After several missed attack Ruesga Este left flank let out his shot trickled in during Palicka, and it was done more to have the ability to re-goal lead, but instead equalized in Kiel. Continued fierce kagaku na yatsura fighting Pálmarsson again made a good period after Zeitz's first goal (16-18) Ortega was forced to ask for time. Large number of times it has gone, but unfortunately did not go Ilicsnek kagaku na yatsura against former team.
When he took Palicka Chema extras, Sigurdsson and threw sharp angles, almost exploded at the Cologne Arena. "We are with you." - Said the Hungarian torkokból needed was the encouragement, it was not well in the team's chariot Chema takes players checked, Sulice and they been hooking up Wiencekkel that the Croatian swivel red card bend the valves, while the Kiel player only. single two minutes. managed to come up more and less, but Terzic halted for two minutes to pick up and restored the three-goal difference (48 minutes, 19 to 22).
The Veszprém in vain began a new attack, after a re-minus

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