Saturday, June 14, 2014

Mounting and active core, customer analysis platform launched ~ CRM data filtering function Refine

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Active epigenetics core, new features "ac propoza (Applied Cell pro interposer)" in the recommendation service. I will start to provide "real-time epigenetics capabilities." You can use the same function, epigenetics it is possible to instantly recommend products and seasonal at the time the user visited epigenetics the Web site, products that are highly relevant to the user.
The "ac epigenetics propoza", from purchase history data and browsing history data of visitors, and recommendation service that analyzes epigenetics buying patterns and preferences, and automatically recommends products and items content. New features to be installed this time, was monitored in real-time browsing data of the Web site, you can view the rankings recommended format, popular products at that time. Also, browsing data of one one user, analysis in real-time. In accordance with the degree of interest of the user, and can be a personal recommendation products most relevant. As a result, the realized products and time-varying, real-time recommendation of products suited to browsing pattern of the user. It is possible to encourage the purchase stimulate customers, leading to sales promotion.
Mounting and active core, customer analysis platform launched ~ CRM data filtering function Refine by commodity axis x customer-axis implementation and "ac propoza" [Articles] active core "ac meister", the search and extract function of active customers recommendation services integration and active core Web action epigenetics history, and extract new functions and picture book navigation prospects from the behavior analysis of the per-user, and taking into account the review data 26 million epigenetics cases over to the "ac cruiser", "picture book concier" release
To total support up to run from the discovery of conversion improvement plan "DLPO ACT"
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