Friday, June 13, 2014

Making a community like get to stuck in the more core as well as content that is worth a lot of peo

To self-taught engineer from Features Interviews the video industry. The manufacturing that sticks into the core. [GIFT Sasaki Shuichi]
Sasaki Shuichi. is the developer of the iOS app "GIFT". Is a camera application that can be taken animated lignin GIF in a second limitation, lignin any combination of filters 20 types and arrangements. It's comfortable time limit of one second is to represent the delicacy and kitsch of GIF animation. Was writing an article created a GIF using the "GIFT" before, but feels comfortable was very good in the UI delicate operation is very easy. I want you to look at the challenge of GIF produced by using the download by all means. And your experience Rassha~tsu working under the video industry, it is our story or Nii you are developing iOS applications, why about what came to be addressed to the monetization of video content industry then this time.
Making a community like get to stuck in the more core as well as content that is worth a lot of people can enjoy, even in the region niche has also been important to Mr. Sasaki. lignin In addition, along with the importance of that to go to decide for yourself the moment the moment, what you need to do to continue to live with that fun yourself, whatever you want to, have been talking with the "It hit a losing streak." I want to feel in the article within lignin the true meaning. Sasaki, who has a background as an engineer lignin and a carrier of the video industry. It is fortunate to be able to touch the end of the life of Mr. creative in such art.
At that time, I just have started to create what they want to work at that time of life. But are you aware of one, I is that it I'd like to monetize the content of those who are dealing lignin with video as a commodity. Foot is'm wide I video, I got to them being charged delivery to be a movie and animation, but, in fact, or was a commentary video of dance or was training, I have a lot I content to others. I'm lignin no road only about DVD 's monetization of such work. I am Hoping I can make it and the community, such as the road can help otherwise.
You exhausted that you can not alone after all. Skills and knowledge is what is stored in the individual. I thought it's whether it is how to share the source of great creative. There was to be a management business in the video company, but only made it easy to share a bit of technology ideas and members, fun and so much, output overwhelming efficient and I completed. I think that it be nice if it happens in a variety of industries as well as industry of video, photos and programs.

work that represents the movement of substances unusual movements of left and right, such as stereoscopic vision is characterized by work wakest Mr., Mr.. Stand
Writing: (Ohno Kensuke) and "how to make one of three cool Yayoi earthenware" Daily GIF89a editorial department, "
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Writing: Daily GIF89a Editorial (Ohno Kensuke) "Ka~tsukoi

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