Saturday, June 14, 2014

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'll Funny head movement of Armored Core Crock: 2 channel log-2ch yl Summary blog
2: below, 2014/05/24 (Sat) that VIP will send the \ (^ o ^) / 22:05:46.38 ID:
Source of income broadcasting yl accident wwwwwww [sad news] college student of recent [there is image results wwwwwwwww in Miyane shop dangerous features are added to the sad news] LINE!!!! Was and I'll Ogo~tsu juice of 130 yen to the high school girls But it's likely to be arrested soon wwwwwwwwww cost it takes on a PC with sick leave ... ... [surprise] the 1st, but it is the question? Brat I was eating beef bowl me if you came back, but the original thread
>> Do Ne Ja have come before if 13
I think VD that's important is cooperation from the motion of individual
The >> Kusomuzui is to attack an opponent in this state 36 movement itself is simple, but comparatively, because visibility spree blur As you can see
I'm different from you and say Do not I know I come accuracy yl of rhythm and timing of fire landed roughly just I can do 100% always it if we do
>> Think balance if 57 team game, and it is not nearly equal to Nantes 1vs1 almost Nantes' s no luck
70 >> amplifier has been weakened, but I can go to the CE leg still hunting
>> I'll try to put out four systems for the time being 82 hand portable device or Kke'm useless
Any game so does them online
Likely to be arrested soon, "Nida have a request to Japan's ... that" [Korean ship sinking] Korea but it is question? Raise bean knowledge yl to what I made ... I made to know the result yl of this went down because not brought food when you don the floor. What rear charge Nde do not collapse hairstyle? Guy who showed off trivia clerk "ww tax increase? 105 yen only be 108 yen," "is 113 yen" best to me "... I Na you lie" strange bill I ... but I was coming home But the result wwwwwwwwwwww DQN base that was bullying me when Prime Minister [Imperial Palace] Majesty runner "good morning" in junior high school? "What? e" from tomorrow was going every day Hello Work
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17:39 ID 25 日 05 月 2014 January Nameless @ 2 log channel:. Was doing just a little less V to this comment yl F6JHsXeR0 but I wanted to try it also AI development of VD 's was interesting Kusso But 17:51 ID 25 日 05 月 2014 年 hand channel log @ 2 Nameless ... 2 's I do not come out because I fully understand yl it take time until the game is accustomed Ikansen: to this comment 4rLtmek80 . 's own interest half it one of the few absolute first place to would be high Crock rate even once since less population Na have not done it on yet But less box to 18:09 ID 25 日 05 月 2014 March Nameless @ 2 log channel.: Les 4 system 18:09 ID 25 日 05 月 2014 April Nameless want to be in it to the person who put out two-stage continuous controller goes through yl a double QB to comment this qP9.xq9q0 : less once this comment P4uYXNq0 .. I was not doing recently Na was that you had a movement En Yes "This, yl this is? or NT" much I came in the top ranked players for some reason I make free battle room in it when I was practicing, but I do after a long time 19:23 ID 25 日 05 月 2014 years and 5 Nameless @ 2 log channel Kana: Let.'re a guy say Nantes talent but less new type to this comment yl oSQE4UWp0 yl , but tactics in accordance with the situation'm not a terrifically occult such Even if can mercy of the other party unilaterally like repeating the rock-paper-scissors out the back at high speed and negligence of Crock each other partner less experienced than themselves or simply are prepared many, to see if you can practice and quickly calm them tiring to overspend nerves and fight in Crock each other to say that it might rejoice and because only, tinkering and to even win it, it let win opponent or the result, of course it is challenged in the appropriate tactics and aircraft in winning by mistake By just gave me, from the individual match of four enjoyed the most about the fighting and move around on the left to the tension yl that I do not think I SUGEEE, at the thought Anchiasen to Anchiasen, it was fret over to winning or losing, in V It became a team against the main it was good. Have you ever saw a teacher kick laden huge missile with a special hunting weapons of less VD to comment this sJA4empq0 : 20:34 ID 25 日 05 月 2014 June Nameless @ 2 log channel play long.. The movement of the guy was inexplicable. . 8 Nameless @ 2 log channel 2014 please tell me what to do you do not come out at all by looking less GBHB to comment this 9TTesDG30 : 21:35 ID 25 日 05 月 2014 July Nameless @ 2 log channel. biological horrible less AC Crock is 12:17 ID 26 日 05 月 2014 September Nameless yl @ 2 log channel not to comment this TYjRxIzv0 ::. 22:13 ID 25 日 05 月 year less in this comment is rPe6O3Y00 Tsu! I'm the king of the power game! I do collapse and bukkake in a moment such as an AC of you bastards! (It is not that it dropped even one aircraft in just getting started) 10:29 ID 30 日 05 月 2014 October Nameless @ 2 log channel:. Certain yl Been to large conference PS2 era less to this comment 0dv0FuQA0 but damn and in good people, people who can not even up and down movement of the viewpoint was a half-and-half
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