Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I can not say that the Hungarian champions in their teens and twenties attending company. 11 of the

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Source: Telekom Sporthír service - Peter Szalay - Thursday after takeoff arrived in Vienna to Cologne, the VELUX EHF Final Four tournament is now the host city for the fifth time in MKB Veszprem MVM 24-member delegation of the early evening.
The team's xsag first workout on Friday morning at 10 am and Carlos Ortega, the Spanish master xsag of the Hungarian champions Ostheim Halle. Another morning train with FC Barcelona, and the two German participants, the THW Kiel and SG Flensburg-Handewitt chose the afternoon.
One of the interesting events of the day will be a Friday press conference, where rival groups of half-up half an hour are in turn the media's disposal. All four team 5-5 players represented, as well as two leading sports.
MKB-MVM Veszprém "colors" this time Laszlo Nagy captain of the Spanish xsag Cristian Ugalde, xsag Croatian Mirko Alilovics, Serbian Momir Ilics and the damage recovered from Pottery Belgrade goalkeeper represented, but with them there will be an interesting meeting, Csaba Dawn sporting director, and Carlos Ortega as well.
First semi-final of the tournament will be held Saturday at 15:15 am, when the MKB Veszprém MVM and THW Kiel presents the skills, followed by 18 am the second pair of FC Barcelona and SG Flensburg-Handewitt follows. A similar scenario Sunday: 15:15 the bronze match, which determined the fate of the first place match starts at 18 o'clock.
Among the VELUX EHF Final Four participants in the THW Kiel and FC Barcelona have won the Champions League four finals, introduced in 2010, the SG Flensburg-Handewitt and two silver medals in control from the days when the top European club tournament has been named European Cup .
Cologne - the huge Lanxess Arena - home to the fifth, four involved. So far, only one team was able to double up, and this is the year to do so, because the defending German HSV Hamburg is now close to the final could not be avoided.
The 22-time Hungarian champion team has competed under the name MKB Veszprém, when in 2008 a class below a Loss to get hold of the CEI in the first place, which is provided in a battle against the Rhein-Neckar Löwen in the home victory and the Mannheim tie model. xsag
Meanwhile, the success of the team playing squad almost completely replaced, xsag and the only Iváncsik brothers, Greg and Tom are left in the Cup Winners' Cup winners in the joint bond. Both of them will be there in Cologne, and with them, Peter Gulyas, who missed the finals xsag six years ago because of an injury.
2013 / January 2014. struggles Champions League final year fours final of the 42-year-old Spaniard Carlos Ortega - the former Barcelona xsag handball - coaching career so far come from the highest peak, after the team among the four main target for an aspirate before the start has already been met.
I can not say that the Hungarian champions in their teens and twenties attending company. 11 of the 16 players have reached the age of 30, including 37 years in senior Nandor Fazekas, behind Mocsai xsag Thomas (35) and Renato Sulice (34) follows.
The 33-year-old team captain Laszlo Nagy. The group's youngest player in the Iranian Iman Jamal recovered from injury in his 22 years with. The second youngest of the Guard in the 26-year-old Spanish Cristian Ugalde, who already boast two victories BL.
Another matter that in the last three games of the THW Kiel won, in addition to all three of them in 2013, and BL matches, the last two of which led to the Hungarians búcsúzásához. (April 21, Kiel: THW Kiel - MKB Veszprem MVM-32-31, April 27, Veszprém: MKB Veszprém MVM - THW Kiel 28-29).
There is a good chance that after Anita Görbicz the Veszprém amplifier Momir Ilics will also top scorer in Cologne. The only player to rank in the Slovenian improve. Ilics has found the net 91 times, Vujin (THW Kiel) 78 times, the Macedonian Lazarov (FC Barcelona) 71 times, and also the Veszprem Renato Sulice 66 times.
On the way to Cologne route 14 appearances for Barcelona threw the most goals (470), ahead of Veszprém (435), the Kiel-t (434) and Flensburg (418), but due to increasing difficulty in breakable protection be very different in order to got goals from taking stock.
A compilation prepared by the EHF, however, it is apparent that the combined BL and BEK eternal ranking, the place between 1993 and 2014 meetings, taking account of the FC Barcelona leads 155 wins, 77.38 percent success rate, behind the Kiel second (145 or

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