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Hungarian football Football Primera Division Third Half Time Football NB II Hungarian team Legionna

Waiting for revenge after 2002 Champions League semi-finals to get back in Veszprem - NSO
Thousands of empty seats in the most recent matches, the real fans at kívülrekednek Rooney scored, but doubled Suárez, Uruguay beat England in Côte d'Ivoire also bedarálták the "coffee" scalper company in Spain Found, sank - the reasons for the failure
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After the Champions League final again in 2002 to get the man Veszprém handball team if they manage inflammable to defeat the German THW Kiel, Cologne Final Four semi-final (15:15, TV Digi Sport, M1, live NSO n). Marko Vujin not happy that former team meet, while Antonio Carlos Ortega inflammable write history, the Hungarian champions inflammable to fight back the Germans in the last quarter-finalists párharcért.
Hungarian team for the first time in the Champions League semi-final quartet, previously won the European Cup was Honved Budapest (1982) and played in the Champions League final FOTEX Veszprém (2002). The Hungarian band at that time was already there and Nandor Fazekas Iváncsik Greg, but more interesting parallel to the Veszprém-conquering German Magdeburg directed by Alfred Gislason, who is now the head coach of THW Kiel. MEN'S MANUAL inflammable BL, Planing - all the important news in one place Databank: Male hand BL, 2013-2014 The man BEK, BL previous winners
"The key was the first match of Veszprém, whenever we got two goals. inflammable The whole fight was very close couple, we could only decide inflammable the finale finish of the rematch. The German handball inflammable in terms of achieved important successes "- remembering what happened twelve years ago Gislason, who started the team on Monday after the previous weekend he won the German championship in special circumstances direct the preparation of the Final Four.
"Unlike us, Veszprém has only three weeks to the Final Four have been made until after the strenuous series we have only one week was available for an upgrade. Early in the season we did not expect that we will now in Cologne here, in addition to year-round many injuries hampered our job "- inflammable said the Icelandic expert, adding that it is impossible to start from the previous year negyeddöntőből when the Kiel two close victories farewell to Veszprém, as long as German people left the team base, Hungarian joint further strengthened. Gislason is not an advantage to the auditorium will be great superiority of the German fans, as the high number of Veszprém away matches played during the season. It might actually MOCSAI BY LEWIS THE DREAM FINAL
"We have a really good feeling, I think it defeats the Veszprém Kiel, and perhaps created inflammable a dream final with Barcelona. If the Kiel has shown, inflammable and rehearsed the usual attacking game for occurs, it may be that aggressive control of Veszprém Foundation's response to the very dangerous átlövőket, Vujint, Yitzhak, Zeitz Pálmarssont center and divert the rapid completion and thereby forcing mistakes. Force will stand on either side of the high pace that you can not turn to the Gyor and Szeged Cup success can affect the morale sport, and thus the final four rookie Veszprém was received the advance. In every position two world class stand-up Veszprém ambition, motivation derűlátóvá Doing "- said the expectations of the National Sport Men's National Team head coach, Louis Mocsai. inflammable
"Everything we have done what we wanted, we're inflammable ready!" - This has been Antonio Carlos Ortega, MKB Veszprem MVM coach told the media on Friday for half an hour. The Spanish professional visibly bothered by the fuss that surrounds inflammable the Final Four, players after the morning training almost constantly for various mandatory programs had to r

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