Tuesday, June 3, 2014

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This MOA is probably
Such as subsequent Franc line such as the story of Vu~enide We would earnestly also novel
It is not hate V
Do you ah in the end in any root of what the root of the system by 4 or wonder that the ends of the world 's VD
It ended up dropped to 4 hero finally that was delusion much more of massacre fa
Huge space colony is I hope the AC of the stage, you can consider such as the next album Tower = spacecraft because it was almost certain Ppoka~tsu Looking Book of VD
It was not a enough to have made a masterpiece aldehyde PP character that does not fade even now that make me amazed at the surprise ending while first-generation simple, but it was not even interesting so honest, I terrible minerals of the first generation while tailoring to MOA dramatic It was set without Klein is much Ne be the primary protagonist place that projects in particular aldehyde 2-masterpiece was kept, but It's not work to tell the story in the first place in the making of mercenaries diary no AA name be was also interesting still if give me to confirm there rather rehash of 3-founder, it was not bad, but no place to rehash of SL MOA legitimate evaluation can not be made would compare aldehyde very much, projecting especially NX same to above as the first believer, just despair of the last to production intensive mediocre, the demo the production so as not to interfere with the game, even while making the (?) character taking advantage of the reflection of the bitter 4 LR serif once but tired a little character stand AC of love LR PP since, the story I decided aldehyde not last if you do not out-kun aldehyde buddy feeling exposed Mochoi Joshua the press there is a bitter feeling like foreign film called, modestly, but a story that is too sticky and to understand the quite cool? rarity first generation to have much room for imagination, not as much as you do not understand explanation aldehyde amount of the story that did not bother me so much thanks to the production which was refreshing, MOA, 4 it but, either overkill Anime Chick a little fA character stand , I think three installment of LR ~ fA Miyazaki was involved fA is Na I like the bitter text Mecha basically
Hey you pick a little honest people All you make such like completed by making aldehyde complementary to leave this place or rather throw a Fromm basis even hanging Ii~tsu story Well it not changed
01:21 ID 28 日 05 月 2014 年 Robo soul Asad: reaction 501 of the reader there is dissatisfaction LR was liked and SL 55oS.hWjO MA, but it is not hate in feeling Armored Core ... 4 was through I. But it became popular fa in the mood, but it was another gate operation, but also familiar. Impossible aircraft is good, but 502 or Ne 's Wanzer is 5: 11:30 ID 28 月 05 日 2014 年 Robo soul Nameless: UmjAKR8u0 >> 33 Hey, Stop it! ... 3 Yane the addition of the relationship 1, and wingman after all completeness of the -; ( ) talk 5h6dMMHBO: 22:23 ID 01 月 06 日 2014 年 Yagami Hayate: ... (despair) 503 me quit. Just - ( ), I want to press the Last Raven and Nexus as me. There is a difference of perspective and Ranker moderate level and Ace live in about the same era, this two works. This will be a sister blog. Are summarized story worried about current events and story Nde Thank you again here. Also of interest bulletin aldehyde board of this place when it was you free if Pal-breaking long, short rice is welcome
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