Thursday, June 26, 2014

Along with the Veszprém wrote history sbr as the first Hungarian team came in existence since the 2

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Mocsai: Unfortunately, the endgame runs, we did not get the World Cup for the Hungarian national team three-goal Hungarian advantage of the IHF Ambros Martin is appointed coach of Award of the year Flensburg won the final four in Cologne fourth in the Veszprém vanished Veszprém dream free summer sbr basketball camp Newer arrivals under the B. Braun Beaded four new players in the first four women's handball team takes the Vac
Both teams have good defense and goalkeeper showed off the power of the first half. Later, I took off four goals in the Hungarian champion, but found himself a rival, which soon equalized and more exciting the nerves could also go for it. The Catalans player Siarhei Rutenka 11 times as effective.
Along with the Veszprém wrote history sbr as the first Hungarian team came in existence since the 2010 Final Four. This season, three Hungarian club track could enter Final Four: Before sbr the Győr, Veszprém female BL, Szeged won the men's sbr EHF Cup.
The bronze medal game, missed Stacker Veszprém sbr Sulice because of elbow semifinalist for managing and issuing a ban on the score received. In the stands, the Hungarians were superior sbr because many Germans in the crowd of Veszprém.
Potter started at the gate, who on May 5, broke his hand, and he has not played. Parades open hétméterest is caught and just "inaugurated" in the sixth minute. On the other side Sterbik also caught the thread, so just dropped goal. Many inaccurate passing and shooting sbr are caught unprepared. The first quarter ended 3-3-mail, Barcelona was the only effective Rutenka the Hungarian Grand bajnoknál threw two goals.
Veszprém sbr Rutenka match was 6-6 at the 24th minute, after the departure of Veszprém Lazarov was first introduced to Barca. Then he has played sbr - what's more, was able to debut - Veszprém átlövője Iran, Jamal, sbr who became the first Asian player of the BL Final Four history, and five weeks due to a knee ligament tear.
At the beginning of the second half Goulash sbr flashed twice, and Jamal was also successful, 13-9 at the time for Barcelona. Sarmiento gave a new impetus to his team, in addition Ilic hétméterest burst. Soon came up with the equalizer (38 minutes, 13 to 13), and then play the final game of Veszprém Iváncsik Thomas missed a penalty.
Asked for time to Veszprém, because the defense fell apart a bit. While the Hungarian team had to fight for gólokért, while the Catalans were able to be successful fairly quickly. Alilovic stance of the keeper again feljavult power, and Ilic took the front shoulder sbr ensemble.
In 52 minutes, 20-20 at Nagy was issued, and first came to Barcelona by two goals. Came back with the same numbers as Veszprem, but the exciting sbr last-minute hit with questionable judgment. The players, led by team captain Laszlo Nagy reklamáltak violently, and the grandstand too big whistle welcomed the decision. After the attack Karabatic - who in Saturday's semi-final penalty shootout against Flensburg garbled alone - scored, and it was decided the fate of third place.
Carlos Ortega, the head coach of Veszprém was proud of his team, but also sad because of the defeat. He stated: "After Saturday's defeat has recovered well fought. Special sbr thanks to our fans that escorted us to Cologne. I am sorry that so formed because we wanted to win, and it was also a chance. "
Xavier Pascual, Barcelona also praised co-trainer of "we were able to motivate the players against the great Veszprém after the semi-final failure. It was very hard, exciting and close game, I'm glad that ended up in third place. "
After the final whistle the players Veszprém indicated the Belarusian judges were more "interesting" judgments - especially in the endgame - but no longer wished to do so to respond. Nagy, according to the final sprint for positive negative aspects that stood up after Saturday's defeat of the team, had the power, and had a chance of winning.
"Optimistically waiting sbr for the final four. Unfortunately on Saturday we played a lot of mistakes, and actually beat it ourselves. Very confident that I now we can improve, but just that we lost again, and now it is not depended on us. I am happy that we have here, "- he said.

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