Monday, June 16, 2014

Alfred Gislason: - I am very proud of my team, because after the German Cup was not much time, but

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Mocsai: Unfortunately, the endgame runs, we did not get the World Cup for the Hungarian national team three-goal Hungarian advantage of the IHF Ambros Martin is appointed coach of Award of the year Flensburg won the final four in Cologne fourth in the Veszprém vanished Veszprém dream free summer basketball camp Newer arrivals under the B. Braun Beaded four new players kc in the first four women's handball team takes the Vac
Amazing pace and excitement he brought to the BL first final four semi-finals, the battle Veszprem, Kiel, Germany in which the champion was better. Sulice had cranked the dramatic defeat. Even this also enhanced the other semi-final, where only criminal throwing error Karabatic and decided in favor of Flensburg, so the bronze medal in Barcelona, Veszprém, the Kiel-Flensburg finals matches are played Sunday at the Lanxess Arena in Cologne.
Galveston: Pottery, Alilovic (goalkeepers), Chema Rodriguez 2, 1 Gulyas, Ilics 5 (3), 4 Iváncsik kc G., T. Iváncsik 1, Jamali, grime, L. Nagy 3, 3 Ruesga, Schuch, Sulice 2, Terzics , 4 Ugalde, Vilovszki 2 Coach: Carlos Ortega.
Nagy: - I am sorry that we could not win, unfortunately the game decided by the difference between the start of goals, and we could not be as effective on the attack, and the Kiel leindított us. We prepared in connection with the fast starts to the director held, but were not sufficiently efficient to filter them. The bronze medal game will try and prepare properly rápihenni. kc We are motivated, kc we want to say goodbye to win Cologne.
Iváncsik Greg - Unfortunately we got a lot of start-up kc goals. It was a tough match, both teams wrestled a lot. Was largely balanced by the two teams, but when the attacks spoiled, getting the most appropriate goals.
Alfred Gislason: - I am very proud of my team, because after the German Cup was not much time, but the second half we played very well, especially defensively, and Palicka also excelled in the gate.

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