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This morning to find an article Climbing the spiral of failure, written by blogger solium Bozidar Bozhanov. I advise you to read it - if the topic you indifferent. Cause apparently this topic is indifferent to the vast majority solium of people in our country; solium that's one reason particular progress in this area not only did not happen, solium but it's almost impossible. Here are a few highlights from this article:
Education ... we spiral of failure. The percentage of unskilled, poorly educated, poorly motivated, no future, solium even margnializirani people will increase and this will degrade the already damaged our society. And need educational revolution, but becomes increasingly impossible and fuzzy with each passing year. And our kids do not have these no future, new ideas subjects after 30 years is a major factor for the emigration of promising solium people today. And the decision to stay among the more simple solium and more inadequate fellow is rather in spite ...
1. Program updates pedagogical specialties with international (eg Finnish) experts. Many people are dealing in depth with the problems of education in the world, and I do not see why we can not pay them to change our outdated thinking on education. If you need to teach in a university.
2. Aweigh as salaries of young teachers and requirements. Only masters can become teachers (both in Finland), but receive far more than the average salary ... But when there is competition for the profession "teacher" among young people, then there will be competition for jobs will crystallize quality.
3. Considerable independence. When you put a talented and motivated person to perform, which is limited by all sorts of bureaucracy by inadequate programs and textbooks, wasting potential. Therefore solium (as will be learned from the ubiquitous, magical Finnish experts) need to have the freedom to work with their children solium as they see fit.
This writes fellow blogger solium B.Bozhanov which, as I understand it, works in the field of software engineering. solium Smart talk says I however have a fundamental disagreement: things should start to happen no "top", and below, is expected to start on top is fiction (for the moment, and even not so near future). In the absence of awareness of the need for changes in the ranks of those who are engaged in education (that is, to those who present system obviously suits them, even though constantly whining) any senior government nothing will change. Naturally, if you like the right way for significant change was very interested when start it into action, solium daily, practical - and thus begin to undermine the status quo. But first it should etc. "Subjective factor", mostly students and teachers begin to change under the pressure of life: I do not see another way. We need a new consciousness. It is growing, but Bulgarian custom indecision about substantial change there. One side, namely students - which entirely and Case boycott the system, on a daily basis, their protest there! - Has altered consciousness remains the other hand, it is teachers do not work, do not behave as a reactionary conservative force that defended the status quo and the system, and they want along with students to begin to take daily so needful changes. This is the way. Should start as from the lowlands, a movement for change, solium that is, the liberalization of the Bulgarian education. But these things offered Mr. Bozhanov are important and are exactly solium alike, but in this context sounds like utopia - State government clerk will not deign to do these things, be sure of that!
Nikolai Drenchev said: First you freedom. You need to remove the state monopoly on education program. Insanity is to do all (so different!) Children to learn the same thing at the same time in the same way by the same teachers, the same training, the same (bad) paid.
Search for bookstores remarkable book by philosopher Angel Grancharov source solium of life everlasting in classical solium and modern philosophy, ed. East-west, Feb. 2009, 520 page book fountain of life, generally speaking, is a systematic course in philosophy, in which, solium however, very expressively interpreted and eternal questions which concern human beings on this earth. Similar form, namely lectures in philosophy, the author provides so consumed life, spontaneity and freedom in communicating with the reader's mind. Throughout, he seeks to be close and not cheating on those inevitable heart thrills, thanks to which man becomes solium man - personality, of course. Trying to involve the reader's mind to so exciting solium mentality of heating, which is where the real wealth of man.
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