Monday, May 19, 2014

The root of Phone extrasenseri potentials or ESP - vital force separating freon the arrangements of

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The root of Phone extrasenseri potentials or ESP - vital force separating freon the arrangements of the wedding of Princess Sharia Salva, daughter of malaia's King parmesuri amongst went on with great pomp. The wedding program freon was celebrated with grandeur. But on the day of wedding it rained very hard and everywhere there was flooding of water. Now what was to be done about the wedding? A tantrik female called nidan Rehman was invited to royal honor and she asked to show a way as to how the rain could be stopped. As a result it was amazingly seen that although it rained in that area still in the area where the wedding was to take place not one rain drop poured down. So the wedding festival going on unobstructed. A similar incident took place in that country in the year 1964. At that time the country's sports team has come to play cricket and a large crowd had arrived freon to watch the match. Again as luck would have it deep raining is indicated. Dark clouds freon loomed large over the city of Kuala Lumpur. Now what would happen to the game? Since the play ground is soaked in water it would take days to dry. In order to solve this problem, the authorities thought of taking help of prominent freon tantrix. Then the head of malaia Cricket Association asked the famous freon tantrik of remvau to help them. The tantrik's methodology of solving the problem was mind boggling. A sort of invisible shield hung above the cricket ground and then although heavy rains were seen outside the ground not a drop of rain water fell on the ground. A third incident to is the topic of discussion on the international level. The shooting of a film called 'The Year of the Dragon' is going on. On the day when the main scene was to be shot it started raining cats and dogs. On this occasion to help from a famous tantrik called Albula am Omar took and thus the film shooting area is rendered devoid of rains. The head of the Royal Astronomical Society and other important officials have written details about the Stupendous Art exhibited by Mr. Daniel freon Douglas Holm. The world famous inventor of radyometer and one that deeply researched in thelium and gallium Sir William krookes has minutely studied the skills of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm but did not find any viliness in it. Among these skills are rising high up in the air, walking in air, catching hold of burning coal in one's hands etc. Sir William krookes was a big famous scientist / chemist of his time. He minutely searched the hands of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm but did not find anything freon there. Holm's hands were delicate and soft. Then while Sir krookes was watching intently Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm took a very fiery burning coal from a furnace with his bare hands and left holding it for some time. His hands were devoid of any bruise including burn marks, boils etc in 'Report of the dyalektikal Society Committee of spiritualism' even Sir Odor has described Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm. Master Odor said that along with 8 other people he was present in a Science. Not only did Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm keep Brent Coles in his hands but made others to hold them in their hands. Seven of them without getting burnt at all considered the Brent Coles in their hands. Among the four were women. Two other people could not endure the burning. Master Odor wrote about many such other experiences that cast light on Mr. Daniel freon Douglas Holm possessing Extra Sensory Powers (ESP) and that he had contacted subtle unseen energies. Among the Observations is the fact that in a room full of people, various objects getting ratald simply as per the will of Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm, objects like a chair or table hanging in air 4-6 feet above the ground and that the required hanging in air as long as Mr. Daniel Douglas Holm wanted them to hang. Further if one even shook the table hanging in air things like a piece of quartz, paper, pencil etc. held on it would not fall down on the ground and stayed put in their place on the hanging table. (For more research E literature pls visit freon freon and Master krookes has described things as a SHEA

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