Thursday, May 29, 2014

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On May 31, in the courtyard of Sofia University will be held the second edition of "Career Cause" - the first forum for career development, dedicated to professional development in the NGO sector. During states of matter the forum, visitors can learn about the available positions in non-governmental organizations active in various social spheres.
The event is suitable for people who want to volunteer and for those seeking states of matter internship states of matter and employment in the sector, whether states of matter they have gained work experience in a field or in the early career development. One of the main advantages of the NGO sector is that it offers so many opportunities to start a successful career as working in the private sector. Among the most important states of matter advantages, however, undoubtedly ranks fact that work and gain experience is bound to cause a valuable and useful states of matter to society. states of matter
"Career Cause" aims to become an accessible platform where anyone can easily find initiatives responding to its own interests. This year, the Career Forum will bring together non-governmental organizations active in various public areas such as the environment, development and support of civil society, human rights, culture and tourism, human resources, charities, health, social services and others. Full list of attendees, as well as information about their proposed positions is available on the website of the event - states of matter
Organizer of "Career Cause 'Association is" Re-Akt "- an NGO that works for the needs of the Bulgarian youth and disadvantaged children. Since its inception in 2010, the association implemented states of matter a number of projects, including "Practical skills for professional development" program "Youth in Action" states of matter Programme of the European Commission, the equipment of the library and computer lab in the orphanage "Zlatarov", and a number training graduates CBS "Angel Uzunov" Rakitovo. In 2013 organized the first edition of the Career Forum "Career Cause", which attracts 33 NGOs and over 1000 visitors. More information on the activities of the association is available at
Latest News Experienced entrepreneurs receive states of matter support states of matter for new business in the "Grantees Lekov" Starts considered Scholarship Program, "I will learn and succeed in Bulgaria" Martina Bozhanska, graduate student in Innovation, Entrepreneurship states of matter and Finance: Successfully applying scientific work your "Mailbox for children Tales" meets June 1 Forum "Career states of matter Days" meeting students and employers
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