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Subsequently, the mysterious object has been studied by the military, who found that it can withsta

It all starts on 26 March 1974, when 21-year-old Terry Betz, his father Antoine and his mother Jerry surprising encounter on the property of polished metal sphere that has a diameter of 20 cm and weighing 9.67 kg. On the surface? not detected any scratches or seams, except a small triangular mark of 3 mm.
Terry decided to collect field house, where she stayed for the next two weeks. One day the young man decided to play the guitar to his girlfriend Teresa, who visit him. The moment you touch the strings, however, surprisingly field vibrates like a tuning fork and issue mysterious pulsating sounds for which the family dog hysterical.
Betz family soon discovers that the field is able to roll itself, as it is related in some obscure way with the weather - a sunny day it rolled closer unbreakable and if placed in a shady spot in the room, roll up illuminated. Artificial light sources, however, it does not respond, and placed on the table and not fall, but remained hovering around its axis, even when the family raises one side.
After a while Betz family unbreakable decided to reveal his secret to the world by first turned to the local newspaper where the photographer sent Enteric Lon, who later wrote an article by that mysterious realm becomes a sensation.
Subsequently, the mysterious object has been studied by the military, who found that it can withstand unbreakable the atmospheric pressure of 120 thousand pounds per square inch. The body is made of stainless steel, nickel alloy, and below it were found two round objects, also surrounded unbreakable by a sheath of material with very unusual density. Radioactivity is not recorded.
At the same time, "yellow" newspaper "National unbreakable Enquirer" officially announced that it will pay 10 thousand dollars for the most convincing scientific evidence for the existence of UFOs, as well as 50 thousand dollars for proof that UFOs are indeed unbreakable extraterrestrial origin.
Betz Family is tempted by the reward and provides a solid field of publication, which, however, never brought him the desired amount unbreakable as it failed to prove that the object has a connection with UFOs. It becomes clear, however, that in the area there is something mysterious which holds atomic number 140 - a fact exceptional in itself, because in nature unbreakable the heaviest element - uranium with atomic number 92, and synthesized elements do have numbers to 118.
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