Saturday, May 24, 2014

If you feel that your work does not suit you and at the same time, for now you can not and you thin

And, as always, will not get tired of repeating: you favorite, you honored God supports your every step towards liberation from suffering and you get closer to the higher vibrations of the earthly paradise.
You are changing so fast that we fail to express our admiration for you! This of course is a joke, because the Spirit will not speed limits, and as quick to move forward, we are always beside you, always air products waiting for you with open arms.
My dear like your fears stem from the most deceptive and cause not only for your suffering, but also for your departure from God. Worrying too much about their jobs and sources of income, you do not trust God.
You doubt God, I think he can deprive you of necessary if you suddenly afford such a luxury - not to get excited about daily bread, just lightly and joyfully do what you like, what brings you pleasure and is the subject of your interest.
Only if you knew how good God is, how He loves you, you would never have allowed such doubts. But you admit them, because the veil between the divine world and your world of dense energies still obscure God to you.
God sometimes seem less real than they are your daily care to make money. This curtain is illusory! God is hidden from you behind it, but it is more real than all the surrounding objects.
You work for it without tuck foot, you work every day, the majority of day, you work hard work, because you have all this time for this work to overcome myself, silencing the song of his soul.
The higher vibrations you are, the more light and air feel yourself.
Believe God will give you a clue where you wait for such work, which will be given easily, joyfully, without spending on it all the time you have, and where, getting a decent wage.
If you feel that your work does not suit you and at the same time, for now you can not and you think he dumped her, and do not see other possible ways for yourself, think about what you Unfinished "hold" this place.
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Angels are among us. How do I know?

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