Monday, May 26, 2014

Currently the government has a specific, clear and predictable policy in the economic sphere, our m

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Currently the government has a specific, clear and predictable policy in the economic sphere, our main task in the energy sector is not only to stabilize but also to develop it, which requires investment. Said Minister of Economy and Energy Dragomir Stoynev during his working visit to the United States. For me it is important, after discussion of the economic and energy issues in the U.S., we have tangible afce results that are in favor of the Bulgarian economy, said Stoynev and emerged as a crucial upcoming meetings at the Department of Energy. One of them is the Deputy Secretary of Energy Daniel Poneman responsible for U.S. nuclear policy, announced by the Ministry of Economy. "Our relationship in the energy sector so far are very good," said Minister Stoynev. During the visit ahead Bulgarian delegation to meet with the latest and advanced technology in the world - a third generation reactor. "The main purpose of the meetings during his working visit to the U.S. to strengthen economic relations between the two countries.'s Important for me to feel Bulgaria USA not only as a good, stable and predictable sex

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