Thursday, April 3, 2014

Welcome We started about us I imagine help on using First Aid What could be my problem? Health issu

Welcome We started about us I imagine help on using First Aid What could be my problem? Health issues in general Success Stories strengthening the health Krperliche factors diet Nahrungsergnzung Sure-base balance movement detoxification soul-spiritual factors dealing with stress polymath soul / psyche / mind Social factors Partnership and sexuality education and family social environment reducing schdlicher Einflsse Umwelteinflsse electrosmog Geopathy poisons body care, cosmetics radioactivity living and working polymath environment Addiction Alcohol Nicotine polymath Various drugs Around the issue of addiction interventions MEDICAL bacteria - resistant tribes vaccinations Medical treatment errors dentistry disease treatment alternative medicine / Biochemical treatment Komplementrmedizin mind-body interventions Krperarbeit alternative med systems polymath organ systems and metabolic processes genetics cardiovascular diseases Neuro Stress Oxidative / nitrosative stress thyroid, endocrine diseases and symptoms diseases generally Ads, ADHD, Autism Allergy Bacterial overgrowth polymath disease burn-out syndrome CFIDS (CFS) / ME dementia, Alzheimer's depression, anxiety disorders diabetes hereditary diseases Fibromyalgia Headaches cancer kryptopyrroluria HPU / KPU food intolerances polymath MCS Multiple Sclerosis eczema parasite fungus diseases Rheumatic polymath diseases polymath back pain tinnitus viral infections joy of life with head and mind thinking philosophy books Corner Plauder Corner With heart and hand creativity experiences Humor Join
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