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The other important carbohydrates that you eat, the strength, converted into glucose in two steps.

Get your body's muscles and nerves work energy from your blood in the form of glucose, a simple carbohydrate that circulates glued to a percentage of red blood cells. Glucose can occur prefabricated in your system, your digestive system will be restored from other carbohydrates, or can when stored in fat or adipose tissues and your liver. To digest sugar
The most common sugar in foods, including sodium lauryl sulfate in the sugar bowl is sucrose. Sucrose has a complex chemical structure as glucose, and one that is unable to use as your body. They also eat fructose, other simple sugars, especially in fruit and lactose in dairy products. Their food is mixed with digestive enzymes and other chemicals in your mouth and the paths along the esophagus and into the stomach, but the enzyme sodium lauryl sulfate that breaks down sucrose in the mixture is not until the sugar is in your small intestine. The enzyme splits sucrose into glucose and fructose which are absorbed through the intestinal wall into the blood. Lactose has its own enzyme, sodium lauryl sulfate lactase, also in the intestinal mucosa, sodium lauryl sulfate as a variety of other sugars. Digestion of starch
The other important carbohydrates that you eat, the strength, converted into glucose in two steps. The first step begins in the mouth with an enzyme sodium lauryl sulfate in saliva. Quiet in the stomach, other chemicals for your pancreas starch into the complex sugar maltose. Another enzyme in the lining of the small intestine breaks down maltose into glucose molecules sodium lauryl sulfate that enter your bloodstream with the rest of the sugar. At the liver
Your liver already took to the digestive process sodium lauryl sulfate of bile to join the mix when making food arrives. When sugars sodium lauryl sulfate are routed sodium lauryl sulfate through the lining of the small intestine into the bloodstream, they go in the liver, sorted according to whether systems need energy now, or whether the sugar can be stored for later use. Sugar for storage in triglyceride fat molecules are converted and can be hidden in the liver itself or supplied path through the blood, adipose tissue where fat cells are already in place to take them. Getting to work
If you use your muscles in one workout, responds dance, or stroll down the street, the liver chemical signals sodium lauryl sulfate of shipping from sugar molecules associated with red blood cells. You must first go through sodium lauryl sulfate the heart to use the arterial system. If one of these red blood cells, a nerve or muscle cell that has spent the energy available achieved helps circulating insulin, secreted by the pancreas to make the connection, so that the glucose can enter the cell. Remains
If you did not get enough insulin your glucose circulating in your cells, or you can not effectively use insulin, sodium lauryl sulfate you suffer from diabetes. sodium lauryl sulfate This means that glucose is not used, still riding on red blood through the veins and drives are in circulation. It can damage muscle and nerve cells and small blood vessels in the arteries veins. The leftover sugar molecules can get hidden as fat in the liver or they are filtered sodium lauryl sulfate by your kidneys from the blood and excreted in the urine, but that's another set of fine blood vessels that handle sodium lauryl sulfate glucose, which is why diabetics are prone to kidney failure created are not. Hypoglycemia
Your brain is the largest of glucose, and you have come is not enough, such as when you've been sleeping for several hours, may call on your liver convert some of the fats has stored in glucose. In extreme cases, such as when you have excessive physical exertion without enough to eat, your liver may need Raid proteins that are stored in the muscles to make glucose for your brain. This state of the extremely sodium lauryl sulfate low blood glucose and ketosis can happen for diabetics, even when glucose is circulated to maintain the sugar into the cells due to the imbalance of insulin. sodium lauryl sulfate
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