Monday, April 28, 2014

Skid today in handmade-diary data on the next completed project and was surprised to discover their

Skid today in handmade-diary data on the next completed project and was surprised to discover their creative obmelchanie. Whether it "track record" 2013: dresses, tunics, tops, cardigans, waistcoats, dribs and drabs as leotard-caps, berets, mitts, andres socks and clothing-for-dolls. Yes one suit that cost Maiden! And now ... I sit and garbage toil, knitting endless kitchen stuff, nodding andres yes kits with toys. Bedaaaa ... But worst of all, because not bothered at all, on the contrary, more like! And after Adv beads Vladushkinogo Puppy with great pleasure began for another meditative kovyryalochku Destroy bubbly stocks by embellishment crocheted appliques. Vendulki andres have inspired and do Ladin jeans beautifully. Bead going to be very, long enough)))) ... And now be how to cope? Obmelchaniem C, in a sense. It is not clear ... hang out, and in fact brought to show you a little bit vexatious forms Simplified andres sunflowers:
Thus provyazyvayu 9 series, the thread breaks, I fix. Next knit petals on the diagram below. Sorry for the sloppy, but I'm not really an artist))) andres Just specify that the bottom row - this is not the air loop is a loop of the previous row of columns andres without nakida. We get the following: yellow thread doing two lifting vp in the same loop and ss2n provyazyvaem CCH, the next one ss3n, again the next three columns (ss2n, CCH, FFH), then sc. And repeat, instead provyazyvaya first two VIs polustolbik. Obtained a total of 12 petals.
Oh, Kate, you have a blog and have completed projects! Good idea, but I do not guess this news ... And obmelchaniem does not need to deal with. The main thing that you got a kick out of doing that. A trifle is or "Krupnyakov" - it does not matter! ))) Reply Delete
Thank Irishev! Diary is)))) Easy stuff, especially in the context of knitting and yarn information and hooks-spokes, and calculations. Although the few in my poshivushkam also comes in handy. But the main bonus - at the end of the volume done :-))) Delete andres
A new cool blogodizayn you brought it in his diary?)) The main thing I think, it's not that, and how. And enjoy the work a lot. There is a saying - my love is not measured in centimeters))) andres And stand very nice, do not cry the blues ;) Reply Delete
Yuille, it is almost a necessary measure))) I have the habit-knit stitching several projects simultaneously, switching from one to another, and memory ... eeeee ... girlish. Zabyvaaaaaayu and not linked to calculate lyublyuyuyuyuyu, so write ;-))) Delete
Yuka April 5, 2014, 22:06
About the diary forward details. I used to just write lists - that need to finish, and that just going. And then cross out (if I can find this list))) Well, no it obmelchanie! If we combine all of your coasters - get just knitted suit coasters the next new year. By the way, you like the idea? Use it, I do not mind))) Sunflowers funny, I NRA))) Reply Delete
Katerina podstavochki such positive! Simpatishno podsolnushki! Most importantly - it was enjoyable to work! Reply Delete
Catherine, what you have here extraordinary beauty! I'll write about different issues, and then you come here so on the blog then Handstitched and sigh - that's where to look for spiritual harmony! Reply Delete
Katya, as always beautiful cozy coasters And about "obmelchanie" that you are not right, just malenechko changed direction, it happens, you can rest, porelaksiruesh again for giant projects))) Reply Delete
Very interesting podstavochki! These cozy! I too am Handstitched notebook, and also watch "obmelchanie." But this is easily explained! But both want to quickly see the results of your labor! ;) Reply Delete
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