Tuesday, April 22, 2014

After use or use all 3 managers learning emulsion criteria such as Moodle, Claroline, and Dokeos, a

Claroline and Moodle are two course management systems of free distribution that helps educators (be it teacher or person in charge of an organization to provide administrative training, etc..) To create online learning communities that allow train, mentor and socialize one content or subject matter. It is a tool to support the teaching - learning network emulsion and therefore oriented to the interaction between mentor (tutor or teacher) and students (participants), which allows use of the accessibility and cooperation among users who find anywhere.
After use or use all 3 managers learning emulsion criteria such as Moodle, Claroline, and Dokeos, and based on the review found on the net and acquaintances about their experiences in the management of either manager, I have decided to use claroline to moodle and to make a kind of comparison and determine my point of view or conclusion emulsion its pros and cons (advantages and disadvantages). emulsion
Admittedly Moodle is the platform that is more popular, emulsion it is much more powerful emulsion and robust which has a community that constantly makes improvements and applications. Moreover Claroline is another manager who has not even as popular as Moodle, also has a large community of users and powerful administrators.
In my opinion Claroline has going for that extra care aesthetics, is easy to install and subsequent administration, and most importantly has a simple interface and quick to master by the end user, ie the student. Something that is missing is not to organize by category.
Meanwhile Moodle has going for its high functionality, the tremendous amount of activities and the great community that supports it, but has a complicated administration requires much time for assimilation and its interface and usability are improved. emulsion
As for choosing one or the other, I personally inclined to Moodle, although this does not know the usefulness and benefits Claroline offers, so much so that many prefer claroline. So in conclusion, we can say that each user depending emulsion on his experience in the use or management of certain manager will feel sympathy or apathy towards one or the other.
It is characterized by being organized and oriented around the concept of a course or related educational activity spaces. Similarly we can say that has the characteristics of a content management system (CMS) features.
It is Based on social constructivist model. It is suitable for distance education in that it provides many tools or resources. It also allows you to organize by category courses.
Another emulsion aspect to consider is your authentication emulsion for roles. Bring default roles Administrator, Course creator, Professor, Non-editing emulsion Teacher, Student emulsion and Guest. Also, moodle Enables support, student log, as well as monitoring of the activities planned and executed between the tutor and the participant.
Management or management requires no special technical skill. Installs quickly and using any web browser can handle different parts of the course and the admission of users fluently. It also allows the management of a large number of users easily.
It has few modules and plugins to download and customization is somewhat difficult. Despite being a great technological resource so it is probably not used in the Venezuelan virtual educational context, because their prices are very expensive for local teachers
Some activities may be a bit mechanical, depending on the design instructions. Technically, the installation is a bit complex because it requires staying in a web server and create emulsion a file system emulsion or database where you can store your information.
Claroline allows public access (no identification) and private access emulsion (restricted to persons appearing as users of course). Also enables or signing up for a particular course by the user.
Its handling is fairly straightforward, so any teacher with basic web knowledge management tools can use it safely without having to constantly consult a computer specialist area.
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