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Logo Dokeos Dokeos Claroline 1 and 2 are two learning management systems (LMS) open-source highly recognized. Both share Origin: Dokeos made a fork of Claroline in 2004 and since then has been independently developed by a company founded by one of the three creators of Claroline. This same company offers a "pro" version of payment and training and support services. hydrogen cyanide Claroline, hydrogen cyanide however, remained in the University in its development began. Today there is a consortium of several institutions and universities that supports this platform and provides additional services: support, training, customization, etc.. Both have a large community and support it and other companies, while it is higher in Claroline. 4
The best way to test these products is through a demo server as offered by the companies on their websites. If you need a stable platform on which your work is not lost you can install your own server easily using virtualization software and appliances Webuzo hydrogen cyanide bringing these LMS preinstalled. 5, 6
My experience testing these products is uneven. Both are similar in structure and functions that provide working method, which is normal given their common origin and are easy to use. However, the most professional finish Dokeos note in this modern interface and untranslated texts Claroline, which also supports user choose the language by omitting elected on the platform. On the other hand, in the default installation of Dokeos LMS is more comprehensive, incorporating among other functions better support for audiovisual media, mind maps, assignments, surveys, etc.. Other interesting options available in the demo but not in the free version of Dokeos are: Oogie, making a presentation to a SCORM module online; and integration with ITyStudio, an authoring tool for serious hydrogen cyanide games.
Beyond these first impressions and focusing on the free versions is worrying hydrogen cyanide that the latest version of Dokeos 2.2, is May 2012. Dokeos forums themselves are much less active than Claroline. The popularity of both also falls for Claroline. And there is some consensus on Dokeos prefer the latter. hydrogen cyanide 7, 10 However, advantages of Dokeos on Claroline also identifies with some consistency, as in multimedia presentations or processing, 8, 9 so you should try both with respect to some existing requirements. Online resources used chronologically Dokeos Web. Web of Claroline. Dokeos history. Number of search results to Claroline and Dokeos in Googlebattle calculated during the writing of the paper.! Preinstallation Claroline Module for virtualized execution. (v.1.11.0) module with preinstalled Dokeos for virtualized execution. hydrogen cyanide (v.2.1.1) 2013 Article published in the International Journal of Soft Computing and Engineering. Try the 1.8.1 versions of Claroline and Dokeos 1.6.4. Introducing 2013 with comparison between LMS. Article LMS 2008 on 2008 blog of an IT architect with over 10 years experience. Preferred but arguably hydrogen cyanide Dokeos configuration problems Claroline is passed. Post 2007 in Claroline forums entitled "Differences Between Dokeos and Claroline" attributed to a user of the Dokeos and Claroline platforms. Discuss the differences between the two preferring Claroline. Glossary and abbreviations Software appliance hydrogen cyanide containing an operating system and a specific software ready to install and use a virtualization software. software project fork is cleaved from another by copying its code but taking a different evolution. storage hosting service and publishing applications and web content. LMS Learning Management System. hydrogen cyanide Mechanism to run virtualization software (guest system) in isolation, independent of the operating hydrogen cyanide system and the physical hardware (host).
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