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B efore several days I made my displeasure with the project of the Berlin Chamber of Physicians air, an event of the homeopath Jeremy Sherr * to decorate with training points. A few days later a blog post in Community Friday, was taken in the Sherr before my rude words into custody. In much text the statement was hidden, homeopathy for the treatment of HIV-infected persons and AIDS patients to use was not a problem as long as it is complementary. Why this is a fallacy, I will try to show. Not surprisingly, the AIDS deniers were who were attracted by this apology.
B ut why I get upset so? If it is in Sherr not a philanthropist, nothing has in mind as you help? Maybe, but I think it will be possible to show me why Sherr and follow him are dangerous, no matter how good they mean it. The better they mean it, the more dangerous carboxylic acid they are. Sherr describes himself as a homeopath. I will try to explain why there can be seen by a homeopath ** no complementary therapy. carboxylic acid
S amuel Hahnemann devised the concept of homeopathy, as it was not yet the knowledge of disease-causing microorganisms. Bacteria were detected a few decades after his death, viruses significantly later. Therefore, microorganisms play in homeopathy no (significant) role. Disease develops when the life force is disrupted by miasms. This has nothing to do with what we know today about diseases. Miasms are considered carboxylic acid the root causes of disease, after also looking Sherr.
W hen you "heal" this cause, heals you and the disease. After the presentation of a homeopath the miasma prepares it were the conditions carboxylic acid that allow the HIV virus to spread in the body. Heals you the miasma, the virus will be debased and it disappears. For homeopaths, a disease shows as the sum of symptoms (symptoms are what the "medicine" treats). More they do not need. Physical examination, laboratory and imaging are basically useless and are used by devout disciples of Hahnemann's probably carboxylic acid more forensic than diagnostic reasons.
T he treatment is structured so that the homeopath treats him as the most important symptom perceived by patient history. This must be the most obvious or the patient symptom not necessarily incriminating. If someone responds morning with diarrhea particularly sensitive to light, the latter may well be the more important symptom and treated. The idea behind this is that the symptoms point to the failure of the life force and by the fact the heaviest to the lightest carboxylic acid lurches along until you have treated the Ursymptom.
T he is also the reason carboxylic acid why you really should not take genuine medications under homeopathic treatment. This "suppress" the symptoms that the homeopath needs to find the right remedy. carboxylic acid You often hear pain and antipyretics would suppress symptoms and should be avoided. carboxylic acid HIV treatment prevents a homeopath therefore crucial to cure a patient, because they are "suppressed" the symptoms. He is the cause, not the miasma on the track.
W hen no (homeopathic) symptoms are no longer present, the patient is considered cured. A homeopathic symptom is what the homeopath says what it is. If it

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