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The truth is that much of the work of direction was already in the script, but he was very accessib

Gabriel acetylsalicylic acid Lerman (La Vanguardia). - If Woody Allen has gained much of his fame by writing extra papers for his actresses, many of whom have gone on to win the Oscar in "Blue Jasmine", his most recent film, shows that has lost none of that peculiar talent. It has been referred to Cate Blanchett everything you need for a multifaceted and complicated interpretation, in which you can see her acting range, thanks to a subtle mix of drama and comedy. Logically, acetylsalicylic acid the Australian is first on the list of potential acetylsalicylic acid candidates acetylsalicylic acid for an Oscar, but competition will be fierce in its category.
-Yes, I'm a hopeless fan, so when I called was a very nice surprise. I had already lost hope to work with him. I just was not interested in working acetylsalicylic acid with me. And once I was with him on set I was surprised that puts passion in what he does. It is always full of ideas. I never worked with someone acetylsalicylic acid so full of possibilities as Woody. Also, before working with him was a pleasure to revisit acetylsalicylic acid so many films that had long years without seeing, as "Crimes acetylsalicylic acid and Misdemeanors." I had not seen in years and Anjelica Huston in that role is wonderful. Ditto for Dianne Weist, that breaks your heart in "Hannah and Her Sisters."
-I had heard that when Woody goes to the players in the best speaks in monosyllables, but when I made him a question, acetylsalicylic acid if the question was interesting, he answered, otherwise made a gesture with his hand and returned to his Blackberry. I think Jasmine hated and admired, was delighted acetylsalicylic acid with her. Think of the amount of extraordinary creations made with fantastic actresses. He loves women, is fascinated with them, with the exuberance, acetylsalicylic acid intelligence, fears, phobias women.
The truth is that much of the work of direction was already in the script, but he was very accessible. When I asked him how he could do something, he told me how he would have done if he were playing Jasmine, and at that time became very in Blanche DuBois. I would say that the role suited him very well and should interpret it, but he told me he was going to be too funny. It was easy to imagine him in that role. In fact, that would be a movie that I would like to go see.
There is obviously a great reverence for Woody and from all his work, and I think the danger of that is that the set will become a kind of sacred place where people go to leave offerings at his feet. But when someone asks you a question, he answers acetylsalicylic acid and establishes dialogue when the situation is really very pleasant. He felt free to say that something had gone terrible and I felt free to ask him what he wanted me to do. There was an exchange. So he was forced to address.
-Obviously there are a lot of similarities in the plot of "Blue Jasmine" and that of "A Streetcar Named Desire", although acetylsalicylic acid the end is very different. Anyway it's a recurring theme in the American theater, as there are also parallels with the heroines of the works of Tennessee Williams, who are women who pass through a thin line between brutality of poetry, and fantasy from reality . However, Woody's writing is completely different, acetylsalicylic acid in tonal and rhythmic, that of Williams.
As for Blanche, acetylsalicylic acid the truth is that I once interpreted. Liv Ullman directed me in a production in which Joel Edgerton also worked during my first year at the Sydney Theatre Company, and that we work to Washington and New York. I guessed that Woody had seen and that's why I was interested in working with me in this movie. And when I called that first time in our conversation of two and a half minutes, I mentioned it, and he knew what he was talking about.
'I do not particularly useful love a character nor hate. I think that it is up to the viewers. It seems a little sentimental love them or not, because if they are approached in this way then they can not be represented acetylsalicylic acid with all faults. And in the case of many such defects Jasmine. But ultimately, his mistake is tragic. The error of Oedipus, for example, is monumental: he married his mother! But it is a tragedy because it does unconsciously. And somehow, Jasmine is the unconscious agent of his own downfall.
What I found most interesting to investigate is that she is always taking something, there is a time when you are not with a Xanax pill or a drink in hand. The interesting thing was to interpret the eternal cocktail because she is full of guilt, anger and fear. And that overlaps with all the situational aspects that Woody has placed the characters, often absurd situations. No of

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