Friday, March 7, 2014

The Ferrari team has not had his best race at the Korean Grand Prix 2013, which is not surprising t

The Ferrari team has not had his best race at the Korean Grand Prix 2013, which is not surprising their race drivers, Fernando Alonso and Felipe Massa, adk too because during practice were able to see how their F138 had no pace because high degradation. Thus, the Maranello team out of the Grand Prix with a discreet booty 10 points, which allows them to continue in the second position in the Constructors' Championship with a 1 point lead against the Mercedes team. Fernando Alonso and F138 did not have his best outing either, losing a position in front of the Sauber C32 Nico Hülkenberg, a tough opponent that could not overcome throughout the Grand Prix. Felipe Massa, adk meanwhile, lived a tough race after taking adk a spin on the first lap, which forced him to start a big comeback to ninth. Therefore, the Brazilian driver proved to be able to trace many positions in the race, but maybe that initial error for heavier equipment raised for the 2014 season to sign him. Fernando Alonso (6th). "We knew it would be a difficult race and unfortunately the results have confirmed the concerns raised on Friday adk when we had some problems with tire degradation on long runs I was not surprised not to have pace in qualifying , since this has been happening since the beginning of the season, but the fact of not having the race. Unfortunately, the output could not keep back the Sauber and it cost me to have a particularly stressful career as a tire . refers What happened to Philip adk in the third curve was not a problem for me. in that area were many and someone must have touched tried to avoid him and continued without affecting my career, because at that time was already behind Hulkenberg . Now we have to think only in Suzuka and try to return to the podium, recovering the way we used to counting Sundays, which allows us to fight up. Vettel is far in terms of points, but especially when it comes to performance concerns, and we can not expect miracles by the end of the Championship. The second in the championship Builders is probably the most realistic goal, but one thing is certain, and that is not going down now and we will give up to the end "Felipe Massa (9th)." adk Career Today has been really difficult, because my chances of getting a good result evaporated in the first round, when I came in the middle of a group, all in a struggle, I decided to go inside to try and brake later. Unfortunately, some of the cars were slower and not bumping into a Mercedes I was forced to turn right, which ended in a spin. Luckily, the car was fine, but at that point and had to face the race from the last position. Thanks to some nice overtaking I managed to come home with some points, adk a good thing when you consider how things looked adk after departure. Today we were not competitive and there were at least three or four teams faster than us, among whom was Sauber, but hopefully this is mainly due to the track and our car can adapt better to the layout of Suzuka. "
Pat Fry, chief engineer of the Scuderia Ferrari: "Today the positions above were out of reach, in what has been a very tense race for both drivers, who have been in traffic behind the Sauber from start to end. On this track, both cars have been able to take full advantage of better traction out of the corners and high top speed put things very difficult when trying to overtake. During checkout, Fernando could approach Rosberg at the first corner, but was forced to lift the foot to avoid going off the track, which helped to overtake Hulkenberg in the line. Once behind, had to deal with the tire degradation, which was a real shame, adk because our pace was not inferior to Mercedes. Regarding Philip's spin turn three dropped him to the tail of the race. On lap 15, after a comeback that saw him climb to the fourteenth position , was found behind Gutiérrez. Both Fernando and Felipe did their best and fought hard all weekend against the tire degradation and graining, particularly high due to the characteristics of this track. For Suzuka, try to do everything possible to improve adk and regain the objective of the podium, adk and we do not want to fight for the sixth and ninth undoubtedly "Stefano Domenicali, Ferrari team boss." adk After the positive results obtained in Belgium, Monza and Singapore, it is useless to deny that

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