Monday, March 3, 2014

Do not stop innovating in other promotional mechanisms, especially when the hotel you have in mind

Particularly me, Tripadvisor NOT say anything, or give me confidence, it's just a list of hotels | Effective Aid
A colleague shared an article on Tripadvisor and really should be taken very seriously. This in conjunction with the online booking portals have dethroned tour operators and agencies face major customers how hotels.
Really just look at the lists of Tripadvisor, I think I can say something about knowledge of hotels, meeting incomprehensible how those results are achieved, examples of the article are obvious examples of the illogical lists, covers how NOT see the Jumeirah Port de Sóller high up at the top is something enigmatic and surprising.
There are many hotels that already have or attempt to have all costs widgets that let you see the opinions of guests and expressed "rankings" on their websites, even adorn many of the front desks with their signs. Particularly for me, Tripadvisor does NOT say anything to me, or give me confidence, it's just a list of hotels and not guide my decision, article confirms my opinion, but what it does have something of interest are the comments that can be perceived how tight to reality, and that there are many, but you can not trust 100% themselves are bad or good which must follow.
Hoteliers before "feared" the power of tour operators now have a new "fear" something that we did not know and "can not control", which is continually changing and is constantly evolving, that fear is internet and are investing tons of money to be the first, but what I do know is that this approach to drifting are creating and promoting more brands how or similar portals. Well they charge for results, yes they are so good ... Why hotels seek further enhance their direct sales onsite?
You have to be around for a little, TRUE! But be careful because they are feeding more and more about virtual companies that make brand with PPC budget hotel, so if, what the hotel pays for positioning is not invested in the hotel website more visited, what they do is use the name of the hotel to reserve the user website, however what brand better positioned just anywhere?
We must find mechanisms to be able to enhance the independence of hotels and services, I think in the future we will be pointing to this and the tide will change, in fact it is already visible the beginning of small changes in many of the sites Hotels can already see "Official Website" "Best Price Guarantee", best of all, yes you talk to many hoteliers will tell ... "Man, booking brings a lot of people cyanogen mod ... but we wish we could sell more directly" ...
Do not stop innovating in other promotional mechanisms, especially when the hotel you have in mind now is promoting the lowest possible cyanogen mod cost and with the least dependence, which is compromising.
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