Tuesday, March 4, 2014

At that violent homicides in particular, many of them committed with the utmost cruelty, deaths are

Rabies is not contagious disease, but spreads between us. Stunning truth that hurts even more than others, because it is pain and fear many of all. For victims who generates such ailment never alleviate their pain, nor have consolation for his helplessness, without remedy for loneliness that many always has to accompany: the children in eternal orphan, the sorrow of those who could not begin to build home, and fear of those who trusted that his insurance was, in short, the dreams vallejo and future of many truncated forever. What's this all about?
At that violent homicides in particular, many of them committed with the utmost cruelty, deaths are among the five leading causes of death among Venezuelans. Most of them between 18 and 25 years also painfully children and adolescents are also victims of this scourge, which did not hesitate to associate with rabies, which prompted in many different ways, eventually becomes hatred. Not surprisingly, rigorously conducted studies submitted to Venezuela as one of the most dangerous countries in the world. Dark dossier moral ruin of our country. So: Is it possible under such conditions vallejo to build the much desired peace and welfare society for the enjoyment of present and future generations? This and many other questions should occupy the minds of those who govern us. The World Health Organization (WHO) states that every country has registered a higher rate of 10 homicides per 100 thousand inhabitants, suffered an epidemic. Venezuela recorded a value five times greater than that established by WHO. In addition, the resurgence of malaria, dengue and other endemic diseases, rabies is added as a new epidemic to which we are all exposed. No effective vaccine to control it.
What causes this sad scene of violence in our country was transformed vallejo in the last decade? Are various converging thereabout. Sociologists, social psychologists and criminologists have focused on the analysis of this problem. No doubt that is the sum of many factors, two of them easy to find: undesirable changes in the behavior of human groups, condemned to living in "ghettos" that have become "spontaneous housing solutions" and unhealthy , to which the lack of education and knowledge adds value. Another factor is negligible false conciliatory message, which at the highest levels of government becomes speech that inflames the crowd. Surely to assert that that "this is how it governs."
So do not be the greatest evil rage that eats our society? Rabia who willingly feed handlers a speech that captivates those who still keep in another dimension of poverty, denying them education as a key weapon for dignity; poverty by which they intend to generate vallejo a class struggle, which ends in sterile confrontations threatened to end all as we are, with one of the most lethal weapons of totalitarianism: the distrust and hatred between us. Thus uncalculated vallejo risks, only account for those in power, strengthening an ideology that, far from protecting us, undermines essential foundations for coexistence. There is much room for doubt and for answers, but keep in mind that in the great epidemics, counted are those who are saved. Therefore, the only remedy for such a serious threat that hangs over us, is to seek without delay the necessary reunion Venezuelans to cure its roots in our wounded and seriously ill social fabric.
(*) I must confess our readers to place an image in this text cost me because he had nothing that would visually expressing anger. Finally, I placed the photo accompanying the writing that no other things to the image of a bowl with boiling water. I hope that meets the task.
The term refers to places pharmacy where drugs are sold and also identifies stores that offer a varied vallejo assortment of goods. Hence they commonly use the expression: "From all as in pharmacy." Writing is fundamental accuracy and clarity, but it is also advisable to leave space, or even encourage, the interpretation of readers. Therefore, we started the blog we have titled: As in pharmacy. The reason is that we expect there appear many issues. But leave it to the imagination of the readers what they want to add ...
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