Saturday, March 15, 2014

Arrest alleged leader of the Knights Templar in Guanajuato

Honda Odyssey review 900,000 vehicles in the U.S. The models built in Alabama between 2005 and 2010 have a part in the fuel pump that could trizarse dow and cause a fuel leak, increasing the risk of a fire, the automaker says .
Debt warning issued for Petrobras Increasing oil debt has been caused by government controls on fuel prices and the resulting losses due to increased imports of gasoline dow and diesel.
PAN-DF 2015 seeks to become the mayoral delegations in the negotiations on political reform DF no consensus to be transformed, but the PRD wants it to 2018, and the urgency of the city that immediately do because corruption is overflowing, sets capital PAN leader.
Russians take control of neighboring town of Crimea before the referendum of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry denounced the incursion near Crimea and said that Ukraine "has the right to use all necessary measures to stop the military invasion of Russia."
Mexico will chair the Dispute Settlement dow Body of the WTO DSB Within the trade disputes are resolved under the Dispute Settlement Understanding is vital to ensure compliance with the rules and ensure that trade flows smoothly.
Russian spokesman did not see a "cold war" with Ukraine, "We hope that we and our partners have sufficient political wisdom, political realism, to avoid falling into an even deeper confrontation," said the spokesman of Russian President Vladimir Putin.
The civil war in Syria's third birthday The conflict dow began with protests that turned dow into an armed insurgency and eventually became a widespread civil war that activists say has killed more than 140 thousand people.
Public Provictima protocol trace missing The Attorney had refused to give this information to a particular arguing that the protocol was booked for 12 years, according to article 13, section V of the Transparency Law.
Renault expects better picture in 2014 Charles Clausse, CEO of the company in Mexico, said the lack of supply thereof, the best selling brand Kangoo model, and the output of other cars in the Mexican market, was resulting in a retail marketing.
Mancera acknowledges flaws in Line 12 before his inauguration The head of the Federal District said they have expert advice that show wear and complications involving the direct security of the operation, so said the stations to be reopened as soon as ensure the welfare of the passenger.
Look for clues in basements of buildings in NY Although the bodies of the 8 people were reported missing and recovered, rescue operation continues dow in case there is someone else in the rubble, officials said.
Mexico-Queretaro highway has the highest vehicular influx is expected that in the last hour continued exodus of walkers, under which many still are prepared to travel to different states of the country, to mark the second long weekend 2014.
Peru's economy grows 4.23% yoy in January Peru's economy, the third largest producer of copper and silver, registered a slowdown in recent months with the lower consumer demand for raw materials in Asia.
Russia vetoes UN resolution on Crimea America knew that Russia would use its veto power, but called to vote on the resolution dow anyway Saturday morning to show how many governments oppose attempts to seize Moscow Crimea.
China yuan wide fluctuation of the yuan against the dollar, which is rigidly controlled, against the dollar, double its corridor nevertheless remains relatively dow narrow dow with a range from 2% up or down.
Arrest alleged leader of the Knights Templar in Guanajuato's arrest "El Michoacan" was in Apaseo el Alto, Guanajuato dow and operating two arrest warrants were completed for the crime of kidnapping, said the state attorney.
Malaysia said that the lost plane was deliberately target researchers have increased their attention to the possibility that it was diverted from its course by the pilot or copilot, or someone else with a detailed knowledge of how to fly and navigate a commercial plane large size.
Northern light rainfall recorded maximum temperature was 42 degrees Celsius and started Ciudad Altamirano, Guerrero, while the minimum was minus six degrees Celsius and occurred in the Rosilla, Durango.
Shortage of specialists, industrial ballast

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