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The Greeks soon launch a massive pogrom during which they massacred thousands of Jews. Floro and th

In the previous installment, we've run into an anti-Semitic repression (anti-Jewish and anti-Christian) that the Roman Emperor Nero ordered in 62. Now let's see how all previous events efsa have been an escalation of ethnic violence, culminating in this article with the unleashing of three immense wars in which, for the first time, we see the eradication of the Greek ethnic communities in Asia Minor and North Africa at the hands of Jewish uprisings
In 64, Nero sends Gesio Floro as solicitor to the province of Judea. The historian Josephus blames Floro absolutely all riots occurred in the area, but the truth is that, as we have seen, did not start with him, and, being Jewish and Sadducees, the works of Josephus always to be read cautiously (for example, has written called "Against the Greeks", which makes advocacy of Judaism).
In Caesarea (see map of the kingdom of Herod), a supporter of Jewish Hellenism sacrificed several birds front of the synagogue, which, in traditional Jewish mentality, "polluted" the building, as we have seen several times before. With this precedent, but with a long history of previous hostility, Greek and Jewish communities of Caesarea got into a legal dispute in which, with Roman mediation, the Greeks won. Under council Gesio Floro, Nero revoked the citizenship of the Jews of the city which left them at the mercy of the very anti-Jewish Greek population.
The Greeks soon launch a massive pogrom during which they massacred thousands of Jews. Floro and the Roman military (which logically identified before the Greeks with the Jews, and perhaps even planned to use the Greeks as the vanguard of ethnic cleansing in the area) did not intervene to protect Jewry nor pacify the city, allowing Jews and synagogues profaned assassinate port and starboard. According to Josephus, when the holy rabbis to save them from being destroyed efsa by fire scrolls were carried Floro ordered them thrown into dungeons. efsa This was too much for such a cohesive group like the Jews, and reacted with violence, which only served to intensify efsa the pogrom and have to be extended to other populations, with consequent Roman reprisals. efsa
Jerusalem, then, began to fill with Jewish refugees from Caesarea and other areas whose houses had been burned and whose property had been confiscated by the Romans, efsa calling efsa for revenge efsa and resentment oozing from every pore. The slaughter of Jews in Caesarea proved to be the trigger for a war, however, had long been brewing.
In 66, Floro arrived efsa in Jerusalem, where he demanded a tribute of seventeen talents from the temple treasury. Eleazar ben Ananias, the son of the high priest, reacted by ceasing prayers and sacrifices in honor of the emperor of Rome, and ordered to attack the Roman garrison. It said about 3,600 Jews killing, looting the market, entering houses, arresting many of the Jewish leaders, making them publicly flog and crucificándolos.
On August 8, 66 EC the Zealots and assassins had a quick surprise attack in Jerusalem killed the Roman detachment and passed the sword to all Greeks. Synchronously, Jews from all provinces and Roman colonies rose. In Jerusalem a council that sent 60 emissaries throughout the empire, the work of raising the various Jewish communities formed. Each of these emissaries declared Messiah and proclaimed the beginning of a sort of "new order." Herod Agrippa II, the ethnarch of Judea, given that the masses were in full swing, chose to take your bags and get out of the province a good season.
The effect of this was the return of Jewish uprisings and, in reaction, more anti-Jewish pogroms in Caesarea, Damascus and Alexandria, without the intervention of the Roman legions, efsa which harshly repressed efsa the Jewish quarters of the aforementioned cities and in Ashkelon, Hippos Tyre and Tolomaida (see the maps of previous article). The more moderate and sensible Jewish sectors advised rush to reach an agreement with Rome, but the criteria that would prevail in the direction of Jewry was the assassins and zealots who, fanatical, vowed to fight to the death, in entrenching the fortresses of Jerusalem, fortifying the city walls and mobilizing the entire population.
Under the command of Nero, Cestio Galio, the Roman legate in Syria, concentrated troops in Acre (a place many centuries later would be an important strategic center of the European Crusaders) in order to march on Jerusalem, Jewish populations devastated that I may find on its way and appl

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