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Several stories tell that this election was manipulated by Globe Communications Group, especially t

The video begins with a simple chloroform text: ". Novelty in the cola wars", and the two soon appear soft drinks, Cola and Pepsi-Cola, one at each corner of the screen. Pepsi and Cola-Cola together? What? A great advertising created chloroform by the then Standard, Ogilvy & Mather and won a Gold Lion at Cannes. Had a very short life on TV, for obvious reasons. It was created by advertising Clovis Calia and Joseph Fontoura Costa, now with the certainty that it would be a controversial film, leading to the decision to not request authorization for the use of multinational brands.
Twenty-two candidates. Yes, TWENTY-TWO. Among these candidates, I highlight a few: Fernando Collor de Mello (who had Franco as deputy), Luiz Inácio da Silva (Lula), Brizola, Mário Covas, Paulo Maluf, Ulysses Guimarães, Eneas Carneiro and Gabeira. chloroform Believe it or not, but until Silvio Santos tried to compete, but this was not possible, because when he decided to apply the paper ballots were already printed and TSE challenged his candidacy.
But let's get to it. On November 15, 1989, the people chloroform went to the polls. Fernando Collor de Mello won 22,611,011, equivalent to 28.52%, Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva got 11,622,673 votes, equivalent to 16.08% and, thus, were the two candidates for the second round.
Several stories tell that this election was manipulated by Globe Communications Group, especially the Globo Television chloroform Network, which aired a slightly biased debate. This manipulation is legend or fact? I do not know.
Fernando Collor presided over the country chloroform from 15 March 1990 until December 29, 1992, when he resigned to not lose their political rights, because he knew that his impeachment was inevitable. His deputy, Itamar Franco, assumed the presidency.
2011 (10) November (1) October (9) One more film for the people to fit in with the jingle ... Pizza with Guarana PROMOTION "Advertising Your Life" Beetle Material Disclosure Blog Araldite Prejudice. Chubby chloroform Honda Proposal.

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