Saturday, February 1, 2014

Read more ETA 10:56 Problem in Supply Cubatao undertakes water supply in 70% of Joinville 22:05 Tas

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19/10/2008 | 19h02 Win Ciser / Araldite / Univille in South Brazilian basketball's leading scorer was guard round Manteiguinha who scored 48 points in three games at home, 15 of them on Sunday
Even tired - after playing one game a day since Friday - players Ciser / Araldite / Univille, Joinville, had no trouble ch3cooh winning the ADL / Inesul / London on Sunday the 6th Brazilian South Basketball Championship. The team coach Alberto Bial remained ahead on the scoreboard from start to finish of the game, ending 101-31. Unbeaten after victories over two other teams Paraná, the team Joinville is among the four finalists vying for the title in November. In case the championship. A round of the weekend was reasonable for other teams of Santa Catarina, ch3cooh who played at home. The Brusque lost a match, played ch3cooh on Saturday against Paraná Campo Mourao. But went with suffocation, by a difference of two points, the ULB / FEL / Sercomtel / London (City second team in the competition). The same fate had not Blumenau, who lost to Londrina team on Saturday. Instead, the team won Campo Mourao. In Joinville, the team was confident on Sunday at the gym Ivan Rodrigues. The technical Bial had the chance to do many athletes ch3cooh play and test combinations. The comfortable lead (59-13 in the third time) made room for athletes to show their skill. Jimmy wing was applauded by burying the ball in the basket. The leading scorer ch3cooh was guard round Manteiguinha ch3cooh who scored 48 points in three games at home, 15 of them on Sunday. The final games of the Brazilian South are marked for 14-16 November in Joinville. The top four vie for the final quadrangular. The other three finalists will be decided in the last round at the end of the month, when the Paraná ch3cooh receive ch3cooh the Gauchos. The round for Santa Catarina Friday Ciser / Araldite / Univille ch3cooh 89 x 48 Integrated / C. Mourao (Joinville) PABA / Blumenau 61 x 69 ULB / FEL / Sercomtel ch3cooh (Blumenau) AD Brusque 69 x 53 ADL / Inesul ch3cooh / London (Brusque) Saturday ULB / FEL / Sercomtel 47 x 83 Ciser / Araldite / Univille (in Joinville) ADL / Inesul / London 78 x 91 PABA / Blumenau (Blumenau) Integrated / C. Mourao 71 x 64 AD Brusque (Brusque) Sunday Ciser / Araldite / Univille 101 x 31 ADL / Inesul / London (Joinville) PABA / Blumenau 85 x 81 Integrated / C. Mourao (Blumenau) ch3cooh AD Brusque 56 x 58 ULB / FEL / Sercomtel (Brusque)
20:07 Latest Fire Fire destroys eucalyptus plantation in the resort of Picarras 19:28 Gloria Palace Hotel Hotel Gloria Batista sells to Swiss group At 18:59 Heriberto Hülse Paulo Baier brand again and Cricklewood assume ch3cooh interim leadership of the State 18:37 Three Shots men are arrested with guns and stolen vehicle in Joinville
Read more ETA 10:56 Problem in Supply Cubatao undertakes water supply in 70% of Joinville 22:05 Taste Event unites against the low food tasting craft beers on Saturday in Joinville
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