Sunday, February 9, 2014

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After more than a month without team play professional basketball in Joinville home, joinvilenses will be able to watch important matches Ciser / Araldite / Univille in October. In the two games prior to Children's Day, celebrated on October 12, the ticket can be exchanged for a new or good condition toy. The donation will be sent to organizations that serve underprivileged children. Saturday at 16 hours, Ciser / Araldite laws of thermodynamics / Univille receives Aviba / Unoesc, Grapevine, for the fifth round of the Santa Catarina State Championship laws of thermodynamics Basketball 2008 in Gym Ivan Rodrigues. It will be the first home game in this State. The team Joinville, four-times champion of the competition, is undefeated and leads the tournament. Next Wednesday (8) at 20 hours, Ciser / Araldite / Univille back to the court of Ivan Rodriguez, this time by Copa Santa Catarina. The team of Joinville is the first match of the semifinals with PABA / Taschibra / High Desktop, Blumenau. laws of thermodynamics Whoever wins the best of three games playoff guarantees a place in the final. The other semifinal will be played by SRE Humaita (Florianópolis) x AD Brusque. Ciser / Araldite / Univille is also in contention 6th Basketball Championship South Australian. In the first round, held last weekend in Rio Grande do Sul, Joinville's team won all three games against the Gauchos times and is in first place. In the second round, the team of Alberto Bial will play at home, between the 17th and 19th of October, and not more than 10 to 12, as originally scheduled. Check out the games Ciser / Araldite / Univille next round of the South-Brazilian: Friday (17) - 20.30 Ciser / Araldite / Univille X Integrated / Fecam / Campo Mourao Saturday (18) - 17.00 Ciser / Araldite / Univille x ULB / Fel / Sercomtel / London Tuesday (19) - 11.00 Ciser / Araldite / Univille x Adl / Inesul / London
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Latest 17:18 Tight Vote Swiss approve limiting entry of immigrants from European Union 17:07 Prose If you angst to share everything about summer, this text is for you 16:40 In Water Young is injured in jet ski accident in Plateau North 16:19 Accident boy had amputated finger says it will sue the owner of the water park of Joinville
head title: Diary of Santa Catarina - Santa Catarina in news, videos and blogs. (64 chrs)
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