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The staff Ciser / Araldite / Univille traveled on Thursday to Rio de Janeiro with a mission: to win one of two games in the house of the opponent particularly and force the fourth game of the semifinal series of the New Basketball Brazil, which will be in Joinville. The first chance will be this Friday at 21:30 in the Gym da Tijuca, particularly with transmission of the Slav. Flamengo won the first game of the series in Joinville, by 88-86. If you get two wins at home, the team Flamengo closes the series at 3-0 and ensures place in the final. To get the fourth game, the Joinville team needs to win one of the clashes in Rio de Janeiro. If there is a need for a fifth and deciding game will be in Rio de Janeiro. If you depend on the willingness of the players, the crowd Joinville still have one more game to watch in the Gym Ivan Rodrigues. - You know where you went wrong and what we need to do. We're going to get at least one win and play again in front of our supporters - said the captain Shilton. For the pivot Tiagão the Joinville team made some mistakes in the marking. - We have to impose our defense, which is our strong point. We can not let Marcelo playing with confidence and mostly throw line of the three. We need to go over them, said pivot. The delegation left Joinville by 12.30pm particularly and traveled to Curitiba, where, at 15.30, embarked for Rio de Janeiro. The coach Alberto Bial traveled earlier. The team must train on Friday at 11 am in Gym da Tijuca, site of the two clashes. On Saturday, the match is scheduled for 21h30, particularly with transmission of the Slav. The vencendor particularly series between Flamengo and Ciser faces in the final of the NBB team emerge victorious from the confrontation between Minas and Universe, Brasília. The miners went ahead in the series and won the first match 91-78 in Belo Horizonte. Bial stake in the team regularly Against Limeira, particularly Ciser / Araldite / Univille lost both the first stage and the first game of the quarter-finals. Managed to win the next three matches and got a spot in the semifinals. But against Flamengo, particularly the difficulty is even greater because the Carioca team has the advantage of making the playoffs at home. Still, coach Alberto Bial bet on the regularity of Joinville team to try to beat Flamengo. - We have a group integrate with players of character. It's hard to find a group with so much character, commitment and delivery. Lost in the details and I'm sure we can win. We managed to hold the attack an opponent that has an investment four times more than ours - says the coach. particularly
25/05/2009 | 13h39
Warriors, particularly nothing is more true than the delivery and character that the master cited as well. You are righteous and worthy of all the good they have been offered. We believe in you. We will be victorious this clash. Force always!
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Most read 15:48 High Standard Police discovers particularly dismantling of luxury cars and seize 16 vehicles worth about U.S. $ 1.9 million in Joinville 17:07 Education Classes Start in state was postponed because of the heat in Joinville and region
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