Wednesday, February 19, 2014

League of Draven Now grants 50 extra gold for every murder of an enemy champion (instead of 0). Now

Abstract: The passive Draven now consume all accumulations to kill, in order to give extra gold, but the gold awarded was reduced to 1 accumulation. In addition, passive Draven permitted at least 50 extra gold for murder.
Context: It is a proven fact that Draven is the greatest champion of League of Legends, but his new passive League of Draven feels a bit loose. We have tried to find ways to make the mechanics of Adoration give better rewards (visually and functionally) during the late game and multiple murders. surfactant
League of Draven Now grants 50 extra gold for every murder of an enemy champion (instead of 0). Now consumes all accumulations surfactant of Adoration of the murder, in order to reward gold Draven (previously only consumed half). surfactant Accumulations consumption was reduced by gold worship 3 to 2. The graphics and sounds are played League of Draven killings across Draven, instead of only consuming killing a large number of accumulations.
Context: The Definitive surfactant Fiora, Waltz of Blades, has had problems in terms of reliability for a while, so we made some vital changes to ensure that it can be used with satisfactory results.
Waltz of Swords now necessary indirigibles or invisible targets will be selected to continue the Waltz of Blades. If Fiora have to jump on one of these goals to continue his Vals Swords, surfactant will, yes, the ability to not inflict damage indirigibles surfactant or invisible surfactant units. If the target is discovered when Fiora jumps on him (in the bush), it will inflict normal damage.
Context: The Definitive Gallium surfactant has several steps to keep within the limits, but between the counter and the costs of resources (mana and cooling), we believe it is very limited in general. By reducing cooling and mana cost of this final ability, we ensure that Galio remains a viable choice for all levels of play.
Context: In the beginning, when we design a Zac our biggest concern was making its particles were not difficult to use for players Zac, but we accumulated the variables in your favor. So we encode its particles so that Zac could absorb surfactant even if his enemies were close and likely to crush. This is how we launched Zac, who in turn threw himself directly to the category of "Fantastic" in various levels of play in the league. We continue to balance our acomedido surfactant Zac, but these changes will make your opponents have a more fair and equitable stepping Zac particles in lanes opportunity, and more effectively counter the great resilience of gelatinous green champion.
Cell Division Zac passive surfactant particles were adjusted surfactant so that your opponents can dispute them more easily. If an enemy champion surfactant is 1000 units Zac, its particles appear in a contestable area between your opponent and he (this is not a change, but we discussed it to be clear). The range of contestability for opponents champions Zac 700 to 1000 was increased. Slightly increased surfactant traveling distance the particles Zac disputable. Now matter particles are credited Zac who is closest to them, in cases where both an enemy champion Zac are present (instead of automatically going to Zac). Invulnerability particles decreased from 0.75 to 0.25 seconds. The invulnerability of the particles now applies to Zac as enemies (previously only applied to enemies, now, Zac will have to wait 0.25 seconds before you can absorb their particulate matter). Zac will now have greater scope to collect their particles and ignore delay invulnerability of the particles during the skill's bounce.
Context: As with the Needlessly Large Rod removal in version 3.10, we changed the recipe for the Bloody Sword to alleviate the frustrations that means saving to buy a broadsword. The recipe surfactant changed: Vampiric Scepter Picacha + + 500 gold = 2175 gold total (before Broadsword + Vampiric Scepter + 500 gold = 2850 gold total)
Context: Ambush traps Nidalee give too much vision and control zone maps without sentries. We reduced the duration of the pitfalls to be reflected in the shorter games of the Crystal Scar and Twisted Treeline. The duration of vision and destruction Ambush armor and magic resistance is reduced from 12 to 6 seconds. The duration of the Ambush trap was reduced surfactant from 4-2 minutes.
Context: surfactant As with Nidalee, Teemo's Noxious Traps OTOR

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