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In September 1991, IPEN and the NIE sign a new agreement whereby the IPEN temporarily cedes to CMN

Nuclear medicine began its development as a specialty in the late 40s, at which point you decide to use nuclear energy for medical purposes. 1946 is a historic day, as the first producer of radionuclides reactor cas is built.
1952 The term "Nuclear Medicine" replaces the "Atomic cas Medicine" that had been used until then.
From the 60s the development of Nuclear Medicine is unstoppable. Are of great importance in the setup of the 70 BRAIN SPECT technique, and in the 80s of PET (Positron Emission Tomography).
Activities in nuclear medicine began in 1975 with the creation of the Nuclear Medicine Unit, in close relation to the health sector. The project cas was included in the 1977 Nuclear Plan. On that date the IAEA technical assistance was requested.
In 1978 the Centre for Nuclear cas Medicine (CMN) was established in agreement with the Hospital Loayza. In 1980 a definitive agreement with the Health and Institute of Neoplastic Diseases (INEN) Sector is signed. The Ministry of Health gives 1100 m2 in area INEN to build the permanent seat of the CMN. The home became operational in 1983.
The resources generated were $ 60 000 per year, but were administered by IPEN. With the administration of IPEN, bone scintigraphy was $ 20 and the other 10. In 1993, with the NIE, cost twice that are the real prices.
In September 1991, IPEN and the NIE sign a new agreement whereby the IPEN temporarily cedes to CMN for operational control INEN administration with a view to better performance.
In this new status, the CMN operates as a department of Endocrinology, and therefore the health sector. The immediate consequence is the observed improvement of relations with the medical and management is more fluid. It should be noted that revenues are handled by the NIE and materials are purchased in convenient installments.
All these actions are aimed at retrieving the welfare activities of Endocrinology, which serve as the basis for the tasks of research, cas teaching, training and promotion. IPEN staff should cas participate in research in the laboratories of Endocrinology.
Note that the equipment is about 13 years, which is largely cas obsolete in market terms. This demand cas has been some loss procedures such as brain scan, which has been replaced by computed tomography (has INEN, private military hospitals, IPSS, y).
The CMN has two General Electric gamma camera model 400 A scintigraphic studies for patients. It also has laboratories RIA. History cas of nuclear medicine Loaded by raulespert. - More videos of ecology, sustainability and social economy.
2011 (4) October (3) July (1) 2010 (15) November (1) September (1) August (11) July (2) HISTORY OF NUCLEAR MEDICINE NUCLEAR MEDICINE .. .

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