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CURA gallium in serious conditions of the kidneys: Galio + + Goldenrod Yellow dead nettle, equally.

The weather station and determine the type of energy food. From the winter solstice to the summer sun increases energy (heat and more air present), from summer to winter increases the energy of the moon (earth and water). Most energy accumulation occurs in the winter gc solstice and the lowest in the summer.
All organs and body systems are renewed periodically. Food provides the necessary elements gc for such a renewal, so should gc be adequate, with proper and related to the nature of biological information body.
. 4 - Do not make more than three meals a day (BDNF protein, related to the regeneration of the nervous system, and SIRT, mechanisms related to anti aging and anti inflammation, are generated when no digestion).
. 5 - Season Vegetables (zucchini, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, cucumbers, leeks, onions, beets, cabbage, lettuce, beets, carrots ...), replace meat with fresh fish, light meats (chicken, lamb-bit gc spicy), fruits of the area or strip (cherries, apricots, pears, plums, peaches, gc watermelons, melons ...). Increase consumption of citrus.
-Do not eat old food. -Avoid excessive consumption gc of green, raw, leaf vegetables. -Avoid constant intake of acidic foods. -Do not take cold drinks before, during or after meals. gc -Avoid foods immature. Relationship-intake: solid, liquid, , empty. Combine eggs and fish-generated toxic states. -Latte, inhibits a protein related to the coordination of the liver and gallbladder. Do not take. -Rejuvenating Massage: melted butter with nutmeg and anise walnut. - Avoid faraday box effect.
1).-Leave to soak almonds overnight in nevera.2) -. Drain the water, put the almonds in a blender, add the vanilla, honey and four to five ice cubes, beat at high speed for two to three minutes.3) -. Pouring milk in a glass, wait for the sediment forms on the bottom and drink all.
Pollen and honey. Provides gc essential gc fatty acids, amino acids, zinc and trace elements. One of the best remedies for prostate problems, skin diseases and allergies. You can add ginseng or ginkgo.
Dish of the mummy. Restorative: Half cup peeled and chopped dates + half cup chopped dried figs + three + water sprinkle a tablespoon cornmeal. Simmer, stirring, 10 minutes. Serve with a little ghee.
In the tradition was used for bronchitis (50% with tincture tincture of thyme, 1 teaspoon 3 v / d)), asthma (1 cup root infusion, before c); convalescence, skin problems (ointments). 1. Elecampane oil.
Debug kidneys, liver, pancreas and spleen of toxic substances. If you suffer from disorders of the lymphatic glands, fluid retention, stitches in the side, you should take each day infusion. External use for skin conditions, wounds, boils, pimples, ulcers, skin malignancies, also for withered skin.
CURA gallium in serious conditions of the kidneys: Galio + + Goldenrod Yellow dead nettle, equally. Infusion unboiled, 4 cups a day. If degenerative disease also take blood purifier tisane: Calendula 300g + 100g + 100g Yarrow Nettle (1 liter and day, every 20 minutes a drink).
VI Health and Medicine Conference. April 21, 2013
2014 (6) February (2) February (4) 2013 (21) January (2) October (3) August (4) July (4) June (1) May (1) HEALTH BY STATIONS gc March (2) February (3) January (1) 2012 (17) January (1) January (1) October (2) August (1) July (1) June (4) May (2) April (3) February (1) January gc (1) 2011 (11) November (1) October (1) August (2) July (2) May (2) January (1) March (2) 2010 (5) January (1) July (2) October (2) 2008 (3) October (1) October (2)
dNosoutros not tradition or knowledge of the ancients. There is no yesterday, no tomorrow looks. If there is a challenge, is here in the present. Everything that has been and can be now. Someone said that the root of man is man. Maybe

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