Thursday, February 6, 2014

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With the right track and a dozen supporters, staff Ciser / Araldite / Univille was received at Joinville Airport in the early afternoon of Friday. The delegation returned to Limerick where, on Thursday, the hosts won 95-89 and the series by 3-1 of the quarter-finals of the New Basketball Brazil. With the result, the team coach Alberto Bial guaranteed spot in the semifinals and face Flamengo, on Tuesday, at 19 pm in the Gym Ivan Rodrigues. After landing, the players won the afternoon off and return to practice on Saturday. On the afternoon of Friday, at 18 hours, they will be at Shopping Mueller, the exposure the basketball Joinville pka held on the first floor to the 29th. Old and current photos, trophies and history of the team shirts will be exposed. Besides knowing the history of basketball Joinville, visitors will be able to enjoy the exhibition, from 14 to 22 hours, pka when there will be monitors in place. Two games will be available to Galley. The kids can also have fun with painting supplies. There will be two totems full size ala Jefferson Sobral and pivot Shilton and a ruler with the heights of all players.
Ricardo pka Eletro Samsung Split 12,000 from R $ 1,199.00
Latest 06:40 More heat Thursday temperatures will be in Santa Catarina 6:34 Anhanguera Opportunity School has vacancy for academic secretary 06:34 Heat Prefecture Itapema showers will turn off the beaches temporarily to prevent waste in the ballad João Neto 06:33 and Frederick are show in Balneario Camboriu
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