Thursday, February 6, 2014

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Everyone knows the famous war catching the two largest company in the cola segment, Coca-Cola and Pepsi, enthalpy but a campaign really shows that it is possible to unite the two competitors was what made Araldite, she joined the " glues and united the two companies. The movie is very simple but creativity is very large, with a black background and a track beat samba school one two cans of Pepsi and other Coca-Cola appears approaching slowly until Araldite kicks in applying your product on the edge of one of the cans and thus causing the two to stick together and well together. A very clever and creative idea which won a Gold Lion at the Festival of Cannes Film Publicity, Movie was created by Carlos Castelo Branco and Fernando Mesquita by Standard in 1989 for Araldite of Ciba-Geigy, enthalpy which was a client of Standard. Did not have much information about whether the video was aired on Brazilian media and so went to the Cannes Film Festival but surely if it was aired, did not last long and soon CONAR would prohibit it propaganda, but what really counts is the creativity of the campaign and that deserves applause. text advertising without Limits
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Nissan and its Unusual Damned Ponies
2012 (3) January (3) 2011 (83) January (1) January (1) August (4) July (4) June (10) May (15) April (16) March (32) CARAMEL! COOKIE! CHOCOLATE! - Business part Twix and her ... Coca-Cola - "There is reason to believe," We s ... Suzuki proudly enthalpy presents "Do not Worry Be Su ... Parmalat - a winning history in marketing and n ... Old Jingles - Brahma Chopp in The Bottle ... 19 Banned Commercial Refrigerant Schin, Primo ... Carlos Moreno - The Story of Boy-propaganda ... Speakers cans of Skol - Understand why propa ... Paints Suvinil "Rain" - Creative and Commercial Funny ... Press Office - Carelessness with Gaucho and R. Nokia 5800 ... - Millions of songs just fall n ... Error Marketing enthalpy - Merchan fumbling in panic ... Heaven can wait - Use Safety Belt Try, Try - Nova Schin Success d .. . their Sun and Cold Beer Magazine - A format innov ... Jingle Star - To alleviate homesickness, a work ... Havaianas enthalpy - An Example of the publicity is ... Cover and Ferrari enthalpy Marlboro - A lesson of Pure Marketing enthalpy Creativity - Argentine Commercial Paper ... Coca-Cola and Pepsi Together - Yes, for Araldite iss ... Google is Going On the Right Track - Trying to ... Commercial Maverick 1977 - Makes 10 KM Per Liter Dentyne Frost Bites - Advertising Funny or Estr ... perfect combination of Brand with Music - Faber ... Session Nostalgia - Lemonade Soda Antartica 80 ... The Worst Advertisements - Bleach Equal campaign enthalpy very creative of Intense Moisture Sandy now Wanton la Conga Conga Everybody has a hand Wanton Corolla Brokendown What's this Skol! Where there is a tin, there is a well geladinho draft

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