Monday, January 13, 2014

Without us! I must say the word, we secession. We are now in the minority here and some want our de

Without us! I must say the word, we secession. We are now in the minority here and some want our demise as a people and nation. We do not want our dissolution in the multicultural and all-cooked stew tote miscegenation leveler.
All the evidence, signs of atonement and self-hatred of a country, and its elites primarily with its memorial obsessions and laws of the same name, praised robert capron the new icons that are not not like us lists of favorite personalities of all French from diversity, the election of Miss France must mestizo and finally these villains on "France after" reports, after the unitary republic after the French model assimilation.
We would be deprived of a country that our parents and parents of our parents have five centuries to build, and two generations this country, France, is threatened with extinction at the hands of mass gravediggers who want us to move to dustbin of history.
We will not be the last of the Mohicans! Not the disappearance of the Unitary Republic! These five reports advocating the passage of the multicultural model, defending the dis-integration of our values, our language, our history, is a culmination. The members of these committees represent everything that socialism birth of party apparatchiks and academic morons. We must take them seriously. I spent my last five published on Boulevard Voltaire in the process saw the socialist communitarians to sell France for thirty years, without thinking that I would be well served robert capron by news articles.
We are square French do not want to die, who no longer recognize the suicidal path taken by this country and the elites who betrayed him, and we are also immigrants from all backgrounds, regardless of race or religion, perfectly integrated in this nation, infinitely indebted for the welcome was reserved for them.
We call for passive resistance as a sacred obligation enshrined in Article 35 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1793: "When the government violates the rights of the people, robert capron insurrection is for the people and for each portion of the people, the most sacred of rights and the most indispensable of duties. "
There is no time to procrastinate ramble without results. It is up to each of resisting in the street, at work, in the eve-standing, with slogans they like - Holland resignation Stop socialist dictatorship - and signs of recognition, caps the colors you want to logos for AKI, and even the scoop. Coagulation fears that come from Holland itself.
All massively, we will say our anger January 26, 2014. The human chain that we form through France is the symbol of our ability to say NO, as Renaud Camus we invited to our scheduled liquidation. robert capron M.Rousset
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