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Brionne. Socialists want to collect "Article" Le Courrier de l'Eure
Brionne Socialists want to collecting Past the announcement of "divorce" from the left Brionne, socialist representatives engage in the formation of a second union list on the left. Last Updated: 5/12/2013 at 10:52
Jacky Dufour, Elodie Desrues, Yvon Le Lepvrier and Marie-Christine molar mass Zerkaoui among the top names in this list. "It was not possible that the Socialist Party is absent municipal Brionne. "Considering that the negotiations molar mass with the Communists were at an impasse, the elected party with rose chose to set up a list for the upcoming municipal deadlines. Elodie Desrues and Yvon Le Lepvrier will be, as a number of former councilors and incumbents of the majority but also the opposition, since Jacky Dufour joined the team. "All have a PS sensitivity, whether or not encartés" explains Elodie Desrues molar mass recently elected "first" socialist, but that is not necessarily the top of the list. "It is not there yet, replies the young elected. molar mass We will first build a list of 27 names, which will be 27 heads list. It will not be a top of the list who chooses his running mates, but the reverse. "Rally left
The first names (in addition to the three already mentioned, include Bruno Troyard, current councilor, Marie-Christine and Philippe Zerkaoui Gregory, former councilors, as well as Jean-Pierre Raymond, former deputy mayor) will not go under a PS banner . "We want to rally the left, the candidates are members of a party of the left, but also from civil society, associations, molar mass etc.. This can be artisans, traders, entrepreneurs, residents, "says Elodie Desrues. A rally left that echoes the one put forward Gérard Grimault announcing his candidacy. "Reading the lists, molar mass which embodies the will Brionnais true rally left" tackles Yvon Le Lepvrier.
Alongside Elodie Desrues, it starts with his comrades, an appeal to Brionnais, "all those who want to invest in engaging on the list, but also in giving ideas, making share their desires, their needs, their expectations, without necessarily being elected. We want to propose a project that resembles Brionnais. This requires hear. "All those" who want a renewal "are welcome. Renewal passes, ensure Yvon Le Lepvrier and co, a new way to manage the city, "a new team, another left less sectarian, more open and inclusive with other methods more transparent. "More than politics, it is the person of Gerard Grimault some involve. "Are we not meant politically, or is it because molar mass of men? Within the section, people would not leave with the outgoing mayor, "says Elodie Desrues, giving appointment molar mass in a few weeks to unveil what will be one of the three lists in the race.
Jean Louis Destans seems grieved the turn of municipal left. The member of the 2nd district knows and Gerard Grimault (which is General Counsel) and Elodie Desrues (her alternate member), and would favorably both smoke the peace pipe. "My wish is that you be able to make a list of union with Brionne, discussions show to find a satisfactory agreement between molar mass the two parties. molar mass Do not stay in postures. I think we can get there pretty easily, "reacts JLD which has, he says, neither contacted the other protagonists. And who obviously knew the steps of the Socialists, and the presentation of the "Grimault" list will be held this Saturday molar mass morning ... Brionne, 27
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