Monday, January 13, 2014

The gesture of the Prime Minister must now allow to collect all Britons to overcome a food crisis,

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President of the Community of Communes of the Pays de Quimper, I welcome this gesture very calming for finistérienne economy. This measure was misunderstood. Designed by the Sarkozy / Fillon government, it crystallizes all the discontent. The general confusion, glycol probably very well organized, has penalize understanding by the public of the work done by the government to restore the competitiveness of French industries.
The gesture of the Prime Minister must now allow to collect all Britons to overcome a food crisis, which owes nothing to the tax Borloo. It can no longer serve as a screen for the economic actors disclaim responsibility.
Today, we must address ourselves to the task. Leave behind the false controversy and small political calculations. Building glycol the future by mobilizing the devices provided to our region. Be closer to family and territories. Together in a dynamic project. Act, to show that Britons know overcome the storms!
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